Amino Family

A Memorial to the late Amino Family
– Heki, Priscilla, son Samuel , and their unborn child

Friends and family in Papua New Guinea, together with a larger YWAM community worldwide, are mourning the loss of the Amino family. Heki Amino, his wife Priscilla, son Samuel, and their unborn child died in a tragic house fire January 20th, 2008. The accident happened in the middle of the night while they were visiting family.

Heki Amino served as the YWAM Director of the mission in Mt. Hagen for four years. He was greatly loved and respected by his staff. Hosea, a YWAM pioneering missionary who served under Heki, says that the entire staff of missionaries traveled to the site of the tragedy to mourn the Amino’s. “Heki’s family could not attend funeral because it was too far away. So we carried their ashes far into the western highlands, to grieve with them. We want their families to know how much we love and miss Heki and Priscilla.”

Hosea remembers Heki as a visionary man, and hopes to carry on the legacy that Heki began in Papua New Guinea. He says, “We will always remember Heki. He once had a vision of lighthouses within all 19 provinces of Papua New Guinea. The lighthouses represented missions and discipleship training centers. We want to see that happen now. We want to carry that vision, to see the establishment of mission bases in the whole nation of PNG.”

Hosea plans to honor Heki’s vision for pioneering mission bases. But for now his main concern is the Aminos’ family and friends who continue to grieve their loved ones. Heki was the oldest in his family, and had several sisters and brothers who looked up to him. Indeed he was a big brother figure for many people under his care. He and Priscilla were admired and respected by everyone in the community.

Hosea wants to make their memorial public so the YWAM global community can join in praying for the family. Hosea says “We may not understand what has happened. We may have all kinds of questions. Truthfully, it is only the Lord who can take us through all this. We don’t know what to say, but we pray that the Lord will take us through this.”

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