Joy Kivunike

Born: 6 July 2001
Died: 16 April 2010
Laid to rest 18 April 2010 at Butiki Mataala, Jinja District.
Daughter to: James and Rose Kivunike (YWAM Uganda)

Background on the passing of Joy.
Early on Monday 12th April 2010, Joy left for school in a mini bus which normally picked her up each day for school. On her way to school the driver pulled over and parked off the side of the road to pick up other children when a driver of a another bus lost control and went into the back of the mini bus, where one child died on the scene leaving others injured.

Joy was severely injured and taken to intensive care at Mulago National Hospital, where she passed away four days later from severe head injuries.

Joy was a beautiful, lovely, bright, intelligent, active, open minded, dependable and jolly young girl. She gave her life to Jesus as Lord and Saviour at a YWAM King Kids camp in 2006. She had an incredible love and care for children in need often helping to wash them, sharing her faith, praying, sharing and giving of her material possessions for the needs of other children from all walks of life.

Joy young as she was, loved reading the Bible, sharing with other children all that she had learnt and often enjoying a role in leading devotions in the home. She enjoyed worship playing the African drum combining it with song and dance.

Joy was a very socially interactive young girl, loved and respected by her peers and adults alike.

On Sunday morning the day before her accident Joy felt that she had received a scripture from the Lord 2 Corinthians 5:17. “If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, the old is gone, the new has come.” She told us in home devotions and at Sunday School church that day that she was a new Joy because she was in Christ and everyone needed to be New in Christ.

As a family, we are indeed grateful to God that Joy ran a good race of faith in Christ, God enabled her to reach the finishing line and now she is with God forever.

We miss her,
James and Rose. (Parents to Joy)
Emmanuel and Faith. (Brother and Sister to Joy)

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