Marie Francoise Boinot-Collu

Françoise was born in France, Bergerac, on the 5th of January 1947, but she grew up in Dijon.

We meet each others in Mexico city, where she was living since 3 years, from 79-81. At this time she was teaching french at the university. We meet in may 81, and we decided to spend our life together and we started to travel around the world, first Spain, France, Italy then the Philippines. 

We were in a strong spiritual search and after a lot of up and down, meeting with several people and beliefs system we got to know YWAM Philippines, the Filipino team in Baguio city and Manila, and the national directors, like Larry Baldock, who become quite a good friend.  We became christians and we had our first son born in Baguio city January 84. We decide to attend the dts in Switzerland, burtignyme then we moved back to italy, we had a daughter Julie, where we lived since she decided to passed away on march the 11.

She was my precious companion for 27 years, I do really miss her so much. She was very special, very impulsive, creative, with a lot of energy. In the last years of her life she was closer to God has never before. A breast cancer attacked her life on July 2004, she had operation, chemotherapy, and 2006 to 2007 everything looks fine, the, suddenly on September last year, the cancer come back to the liver. She was sure she’ll get healed, and on December the examinations appeared pretty well…then january she felt tired pretty often, we had planned a travel on south of Spain, she loved so much these place, we had wonderful friends over there. But she spent 10 days at bed, even if she used to say that she was happy to be there, then everything collapsed quickly…and early morning march 11 she left.

She was generous, very very direct, zero diplomacy, always looking for something new,
something, to do, something to look for…

She was conflictive too, but so sincere and honest, tat she forgot and forgive pretty easily. Smiling a lot, she liked traveling, moving, knowing place, culture. She loved to walk while she was praying, thinking, meditating and so on.

She was a wonderful and a caring mother, Samuele and Julie are missing her so much…

Her proud husband Gianpiero 

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