Phil Crouse

From the International YWAMer

Phil Crouse grew up in Western Pennsylvania and later moved to Alaska with his mother and step-father. He also has a brother and a sister.

Friends say that Phil was a master of languages. He spoke German fluently and was proud of his German heritage. He was studying Russian and was preparing to go on a scouting trip to Central Asia, where he had hopes of working long-term.

Fellow staff member Ken Urban says, “Phil was a great bread-maker, and loved to make bread for other people. He had a very giving heart. He gave up a week of vacation this summer to help with the framing of a foster home for Crow Indian kids on the Crow Reservation in Montana”.

Phil did his DTS in Homer, Alaska. He went with his team to St. Lawrence Island and worked with the native youth there. He often talked about that experience and those people. He did his Phase II – a leadership development program – in Denver and then joined the staff. He was a diligent worker, using his carpentry skill to help with various remodeling projects. One of his last endeavors was helping modify and varnish a redwood bridge that was to be placed in the court-yard…a symbol of the base motto, “A Bridge to the Nations.”

You can watch highlights from the memorial service for Phil Crouse and Tiffany Johnson here.

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