Silas Dongardive

The Memorial Service that was on held on 28th July 2001, The service was led by Elizabeth and Steve Cocharane-YWAM -Pune.

"Be Faithful Until death and I will give you the crown of life !” (revelation; 2:10)

Birth : 19th May 1961

Went to be with the Lord: 10th May 2001

Rev. Silas S. Dongardive, was Born in a Christian family. He was the fourth son among seven to his parents. His father was a Nazarene Church Pastor in a rural part of Maharashtra. Silas was 7 yrs old when his Father went to be with the Lord. Silas was raised by his widowed Mother with great struggle and poverty.

God placed His call on Silas’ life at a very young age and he completed his 7 years of Bible seminary in Alahabad, India. As an ordained pastor he served the Lord with great passion into rural parts of Maharashtra as a church planter, evangelist, and Pastor. Through his life testimony many came to Christ and many of those into full time ministry.

God led Silas to the Discipleship Training School with YWAM in 1986 (KHANDALA) Pune,India.

Silas was a pioneer, and along with others pioneered Youth With A Mission ministries in Mumbai (1986) with Merve and Donna Mcdermid, Pune (1988) with Jose Daniel, who says; "Silas and myself came to Bible Center,with some furniture that was left back from Merve.There was no one and Silas Uncle provided food and grains for us.It was very hard but God was with us as he led us to Pune.",

Bhopal (1989-90) after the Bhopal Gas leak, Nagpur (1987-89) with a team from Australia and Goa (1996-98) along with wife Anu and the Brazilian team. Silas and Anu pioneered the ministry of Vanitashray to the orphans, destitute women, and widows in Youth With A Mission in 1998-2000.

In 1991 Silas did a Leadership Training School in Chile, South America under the leadership of the founders of YWAM, Loren and Darlene Cunningham. In 1992 Silas led the Frontier Mission School in YWAM, Canberra Australia. Silas shared his heart through teaching, preaching, encouraging and training youth for Missions as he spoke on the Father Heart Of God, Charector Of God, Missions, Evangelism, Faith and Fianances and Rural Church planting. He served the local YWAM base with a Pastoral caring heart.

Silas and Anu got to know each other as they, together with his cousin, pioneered the first local Marathi Discipleship Training School in Pune, India. Silas deeply loved the Lord and walked in the fear of God. He went against every cultural and traditional expectation by choosing to marry Anupama – an orphan girl from Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission. Silas and Anu were married in 1993 and were blessed with two beautiful daughters named Ailsha and Sunayana. He loved his family so dearly !!

Being a pioneer Silas pressed through many tears, hardships, testings and difficult trials and sufferings that broke his heart. Silas’s life was a true reflection of his close walk with the Lord. Many were inspired and have continued on in missions and ministry as they were encouraged to press on and not give up. He also had a joyful,cheerful and a great humerous spirit that drew people to him.

In year 2001 the ministry of Vanitashray was started by taking in 3 abandoned, orphaned girls and a widow. Soon after Silas and Anu left for the YWAM staff Conference in Goa, India. Just a few months before Silas was diagnosed with severe hyper tension which, sadly, led into a servere high blood pressure stroke at the conference. After seven days of hospitalization Silas rested in Peace and went to be with the Lord.

YWAM has been Anu, Alisha and Sunayana’s family and extended their love,care and support. Silas has left behind many wonderful friends, great friendships, relationships and family across the globe.

The ministry of Vanitashray is legally registered with the local Government and functions under Youth With A Mission. Today Vanitashray is a home for 19 orphan, 5 destitute girls and widows. With God’s great faithfulness and favor the ministry is in the lime light.
(newspapers, media interviews etc.) with local political leaders and people drawing rich support and encouragement !!


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