Yakubu Synkoum

Yakubu Synkoum was born and educated in Garuwa, Cameroon, and did his DTS in Maiduguri, Nigeria in 2004. After completing his DTS he joined YWAM Maiduguri as staff and became a leader. Yakoubou loved music and released a CD, using the proceeds to aid the work at the base. He used his music for evangelism, and had a passion to reach the Fulani and Kanuri people. His desire to know God more led him to Port Harcourt and a School of Biblical Studies.

Yakubu passed away in a traffic accident in Nigeria on December 11, 2005, along with eight other YWAMers: Willie Ihezie, Rahim dan Akazu, Praise Judah Kalu, Ben Aniekeme, David Choji, Brianna Esswein, and Delphine Lemaire. Seven other YWAMers were injured, several of them seriously.

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