Andrea Galbraith

Andrew and Andrea Galbraith served 5 years in northern Pakistan in a remote village about two hours from the rest of their team. They lived among the people of the area – teaching English, working in the schools, providing seminars on jam & jelly making, tutoring children in their home, sharing the love of Jesus with so many.

Andrea became sick with a lung condition in October of 2008, but was determined to stay in Pakistan as long as possible since they had planned to return to New Zealand in the fall of 2009 when their visa expired. After a very tough winter, Andrea’s conditioned worsened and finally in May, they made the decision to leave the mountains of the Northern Areas and return to their home in Auckland where breathing would be easier at sea level.

With the help of the team here, Andrew & Andrea left Pakistan about June 1 and we all fully believed that she would recover once she got home. However, the Lord had other plans and took Andrea to be with Him on June 25, 2009. Two days before her 58th birthday.

Please pray for Andrew and the rest of the family. They have 4 grown married daughters and several grandchildren. Please also pray for the local families here who were deeply touched by Andrew & Andrea’s friendship. May the seeds that were planted be cultivated!

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