Ben Aniekeme

Ben Okon Aniekeme was born on the 18th of February 1987 to Mr and Mrs Okon Akpan Ben. Ben was a blessed, talented, gentle and humble person. He has always been very intelligent and very inquisitive. He did his nursery school in Dollister Nursery and Primary School. His primary school was Tanfua International Nursery and Primary School. The first three years of his Secondary School was in Tanfua International High School and the last three years in Onpadec Science Centre (now called Niger Delta Science School). His extra curricular activities were singing and playing football. He loves the presence of God and was very devoted in his service to God. During his childhood, he was very devoted to preaching and studying the Bible, as a Jehovah’s Witness. On the course of time, when his family left that organization, he strived to find a means of pleasing and worshipping God, which he did by devoting most of his time in choir, sing and studying.
After his secondary school, he joined Youth with A Mission (YWAM) where he did his Discipleship Training School (DTS). This opened his heart for missions work.
In preparation for entry into higher institution, he went to College of Arts and Science (CAC) for an ‘A’ level programme, IJMB. This usually is a two year programme, but just after the first year, he came back to YWAM to staff. During his time on staff, he worked as a kitchen staff, his leader testified of him not too long before his death that he is very faithful and dependable. She said he goes the extra mile without being asked. In the whole community he is known for the fact that, as he comes in for any meeting, he heads straight for the drums or any kind of instrument that is available to play.
Because of his desire to know God the more, he joined School of Biblical Studies (SBS) September, 2005. His SBS classmates have been saying ‘Ben is very inquisitive and intelligent. That he always says, “The time of God is already here”. He used most of his time in the service of God, teaching in Sunday schools, preaching in Churches around him, teaching and grooming choirs in various Churches. His hobbies were reading and studying the Bible, singing, dancing or playing musical instrument and listening to music mostly (classical and reggae) and like his sister said concerning what he likes doing; last of all, sitting arms around his mother’s neck with his siblings sharing jokes and testimonies and listening to mummy’s advices which she never failed to do every night. He influenced the life of many.

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