Cynthia Sue Bloomer

From Tom Bloomer… 25 April 2012

After a sunny and cloudy, windy and cold, achingly beautiful April day, Cynthia breathed her last and danced into the presence of the Lord. The hospice nurse called me after 7 PM and said, ‘Drive carefully but come right away’. When we arrived three good friends were sitting with her; they left as we surrounded her bed. I was able to talk her through her last 30 minutes on this earth, reassuring her yet again that we would be OK, that she could leave behind all her back pain and allergies and arthritis, and that her dear Dad Howard was waiting for her . . . he who studied light all his life would have even more to tell her about it now, having lived in absolute Light since his passing in 2003.

Weeks ago I was crying out “It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this!” We had first fallen in love exactly 40 years ago, in the time of the lilacs blooming in Illinois in 1972. As soon as that cry rang from my heart, I heard the echo of the first time it had sounded: when God Himself cried it out as Adam and Eve left the Garden, and the blight of death and destruction started to spread over and through all of Creation.

No, it wasn’t supposed to turn out like this: evil and selfishness and nasty diseases that spring out of nowhere and destroy precious people were NOT part of His plan. But we know that our Redeemer lives, and that His love triumphs over death.

Since I wrote yesterday about His terrible love, I realized that although literally thousands of people were praying for Cynthia to be healed and to stay here, the Lord Himself was jealous for her to be in His presence. I have often taught, too glibly, that God’s love is infinite; but what that means right here and now, for me, is that His love for Cynthia outweighs all of our prayers . . . His love is dense beyond our imagination.

Many of you have also heard me teach this principle: “When we pray, we are trusting God; when He doesn’t answer, He is trusting us.” God Himself has entrusted us with unanswered prayers for Cynthia. He is trusting us to go on trusting Him, and to follow Him not because of what He does for us or what we would want Him to do; but to follow because He is God, and we are not.

By His grace, we are trusting Him, and at peace in His sovereign decision to not answer our prayers. We do not understand; but as we have trusted, we have peace. Phil prayed a beautiful prayer after Cynthia’s passing; Amy andAlice are in peace too.

Dear ones, the Lord Himself has entrusted us with unanswered prayers, and that is an immense privilege. Cynthia trusted Him until the end, and on through it. And now she no longer sees through a glass darkly, but face to face.

The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

Tom, for Phil, Amy and Alice

From Diana Ho

Cynthia Malmstadt was sitting in a sunbeam when I met her We were in the middle of a crowd seated on the floor outside Dean Downing’s office, all waiting to ask for some sort of special dispensation. The request has long slipped my mind; the twinkle that was Cynthia remains. Fresh-faced and always grinning, she had a two-note giggle often accompanied by crossed eyes when a situation was particularly ridiculous. Baskin Robbins Mandarin orange sherbet was a favorite. As were California avocados (a rarity in her hometown of Urbana, IL). She would neatly arrange saltines across our bathroom counter, topping each with a sliver of creamy green, sharing only if she had to. She walked with a determined gait and tended to keep her challenges to herself. The only time we heard her wail was when monthly cramps would keep her in bed, behind a closed door, leaving her suitemates helplessly standing by.

Seemingly out of the blue, Cynthia auditioned for the Five Colleges production of “Sweet Charity” and snagged the lead role during our senior year. Her stage presence caught us completely off guard and we were moved to tears by her performance. Between rehearsals, Cynthia was also working on her thesis, and this juxtaposition probably characterized her world: it was Sweet Charity dancing next to Soren Kierkegaard.
Shortly after graduation, Cynthia married a brilliant, fun-loving and kind minister named Tom Bloomer who was destined to join Cynthia’s father, Howard Malmstadt in founding the University of the Nations. Cynthia and Tom moved to Switzerland where they were leaders in the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) community. Ever by Tom’s side, Cynthia convened women in prayer and service, cared for children and supported the work of the organization throughout the world. They adopted a son Philip and provided extraordinary care and support as he learned to navigate the world in his own special way.

Patsy Miles Fiske and I lived with Cynthis for four years in Frankel Hall, Suite 100. We were joined by Virginia Lawson in the senior apartments.

I was fortunate to spend time with Cynthia in Los Angeles, Chicago, Honolulu, Paris, Florence, Burtigny, Geneva, and Claremont where she would venture out from her modest life of service and share a bit of silliness with me. She graced us with her presence at our 40th Class Reunion at Scripps. But less than a year later, she contracted Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and was gone in a flash. Her sweet charity was needed elsewhere.


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  1. Cynthia is dancing in heaven. She has seen her dad and all of those who have gone before. We who remain rejoice with her and miss her like crazy. She has deeply touched our lives, the lives of the village that she lived in as well as the love of her life outside of Jesus was Tom, Phil and Amy, her sister Alice and brother John and mom Gaye.  Adieur Cynthia…….. 

  2. From The Book of Prayers by Leon and Elfreda McCauley

    O God, from who all good things do come, the author of all tender affections: Behold our broken hearts;behold our grief, whose depth is the measure of love which was thy gift. Out of the deep we call upon thy Name, for there is mercy with thee, and in thy Word is our trust.  


    Save us, O God, even while the waves of sorrow engulf us. Though we do not discern your full purpose, yet we do acknowledge that you understand all of your children. 

    Teach us, therefore, to entrust to thine eternal keeping the deathless love which binds us to Cynthia whose going from our sight makes our heart faint within us. Steady us to hold with tranquil hand the candle of faith, a light this our darkness, a flame undying amend the changes and chances of our mortality. 

    So shall we honor her and miss her; and so shall we permit thee to guide our steps along the hard path which lies before us, and which, if we are true, will reveal itself as the highway of the King who reigneth over heaven and earth, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.  

  3. O God, from who all good things do come, the author of all tender affections: Behold our broken hearts;behold our grief, whose depth is the measure of love which was thy gift. Out of the deep we call upon thy Name, for there is mercy with thee, and in thy Word is our trust.  


    Save us, O God, even while the waves of sorrow engulf us. Though we do not discern your full purpose, yet we do acknowledge that you understand all of your children. 

    Teach us, therefore, to entrust to thine eternal keeping the deathless love which binds us to Cynthia whose going from our sight makes our heart faint within us. Steady us to hold with tranquil hand the candle of faith, a light this our darkness, a flame undying amend the changes and chances of our mortality. 

    So shall we honor her and miss her; and so shall we permit thee to guide our steps along the hard path which lies before us, and which, if we are true, will reveal itself as the highway of the King who reigneth over heaven and earth, our Savior Jesus Christ. 


    From The Book of Prayers by Leon and Elfreda McCauley

  4. Reinier Blijleven on Facebook- Praying for Tom and the Bloomer family and all that are near. Thank you for sharing these impressive words,

  5. Carlinha de Paulo on Facebook – praying for the family… And learning from their choices and hearts in this situation.

  6. Wynne Stearns on Facebook – Peace envelop the family and her dear friends….continuing to pray for you all as you grieve.

  7. Kim Morgan Latkovic on Facebook –  Thank you for sharing that. I did not know her, but I have been following this story. That kind of faith is amazing and encouraging.

  8. Melinda Garratt on Facebook precious words, we love you and will continue to pray. thankyou Tom, Phil Amy and Alice. love .xx

  9. Fay Williams on Facebook –  When Alan passed away the best and most truthful card I received was from Dwane Rawlins and it said: ” Death is the Pits!” I laughed thru my pain. Yes it is the last enemy, but Jesus has taken the sting…prayer continues for you Tom and the family. You are safe in His arms and He will lead you through the passage of grief which cannot hurried…love Fay Williams

  10. Fay Williams on Facebook –  Cynthia Bloomer dancing on tip toes before her living God!

  11. Sue Kilmer on Facebook –  I’m speechless. My heart is full with love for our Lord and love for you and your family Tom. May you know His presence deeply through the grieving.

  12. Deb Smith on Facebook –  Thankyou Tom for YOUR awesome words . Cynthia has met her Jesus and loved ones and yes my David who went right to heaven in the car accident last May . May you all have great strength in this time. And He will bring you joy more and more ! Sending my care to you and yours 

  13. Coby Hallas on Facebook – Blessings to Tom and family and that they continue to be comforted by Gods grace and love

  14. Karen Anderson on Facebook –  Thank you for giving us all eternal perspective and seeing life the way God does.

  15. Viniana Gaunavinaka on Facebook – Thank you Tom for sharing these amazing insights with us as you grief your loss. Praying for you and the family/

  16. Angie Parsons on Facebook – Tom, though you don’t know personally, l know that she is in a better place and fullfilling her dreams being in presence of the Lord. Yes she will surely be missed by every one who knows her but we will see her someday…Thank you Lord for her faithfullness in serving you while her on earth. Thank you Tom for sharing 
    praying for you too. Love from the Philippines….

  17. Jo Fahringer on Facebook –  thank you, Tom, for your wisdom, faith and example. 
    I continue to pray for you and your family as you grieve with hope and confidence in our loving Father.

  18. Valerie Clark on Facebook –  In life Cynthia always made people feel so special. 
    Now she is receiving and rejoicing in the Lover of her soul.

  19. Debbie Reeve Lascelles on Facebook –  Lots of people here in TX are praying for Tom and family and wonderful friends like you. 
    May the Lord comfort you all. We love you!

  20. Heidi Metz on Facebook –  I’m so, so sorry for you both, for Bloomers, and for all of us who’ve lost such an amazing woman. She will be sorely missed.

  21. Much love to you Tom, Philip and Amy and the extended family at this tender time. Praying for His continued strength and grace in these moments, minutes, hours and days. He is near.

  22. You and your entire family have been much in our thoughts and prayers these past weeks. May you continue to know the Lord’s grace, peace and comfort. We will continue to lift you up in prayer.

  23. We all have precious, lasting memories of this incredibly shining personality and character whose life blessed us immensely.  May the Comforter surround you, Tom, Philip and Amy and all the family.

  24. Thank you for your very beautiful words in this time of mourning and celebration. Thank you for letting us in. God richly bless you and yours with comfort and joy.
    He truly gives and takes away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

  25. Kalafi Moala from Facebook –  Dear Tom & Family, I was lost for words on how to comfort you and express my deepest condolence and love, and then after reading you letter, you who have suffered incredible loss, have spoken comfort and understanding to us your friends. Love you dear friend. Kalafi.

  26. Elgonda Brunkhorst from Facebook –  Tom thank you for sharing your heart, for this precious insight and trusting all of us with it. I PTL that you were all present and with her for the last 1/2 hour, and that you were together. May you get to know the Comforter, Holy Spirit, in a special and much deeper way during these days of grieving, and your hearts be flooded with the hope of being together again, one day, in the Presence of the Lord Himself.

  27. Luisa Manzano Muñoz from Facebook –  Dear Tom: Thank you for writing such a beautiful letter.May the grace, the peace, the sweet presence of the Lord be upon you and your family. Ricardo and Luisa

  28. I have so many precious memories anchored in my heart of Cynthia – her love, her laughter, her willingness to entrust precious things to my and my brother to play with when we were kids, her hospitality and her encouragement.  She impacted my life and I hope to impact others with what I’ve learned.

  29. Olivia Jackson  from Facebook – Yes, it (this disease) impacted her body, but impacted her soul only positively, it seems. Dear Cynthia, such a living example of Jesus’ love. I remember her saying to me that she felt her calling was simply to love people.

  30. Marnie-Jane Agosta from Facebook – Sad night. my dear friend, Cynthia Bloomer has died from Kreuzfeld-Jacobs disease. Two months ago she was a bit dizzy, tonight her body shut down because her brain no longer functioned. She was a real, gentle woman with a cheerful spirit. She will be missed, loved and remembered for a long, long time.

  31. I’ve known you both from afar in 34 years of being with YWAM and so I am humbled, Tom, by your sharing of these precious last moments you and Cynthia share.  Thank you.  Thank you for sharing the comfort the Lord has given you.

  32. Can’t stop crying because even though I never got to meet Cynthia, I’ve heard the same thing about her over and over from people all over… She was an amazing woman who knew how to love and loved!!! May God comfort you and your family Tom and we have the confidence that we’ll see her again… Blessings and hugs

  33. Tom, so very sad to hear of Cynthia’s death and so very glad to read your powerful testimony of God’s goodness and love and reality.                                 What a day of rejoicing we have to look forward to as we meet in heaven in that glorious day. May Jesus be very close to you in these days. 

  34. From Isabel Betts – CaringBridgeWhat can we say?
    What can we write?

    Words fail us…

    Our PRAYER for you, Phil, Amy and the rest of the family is that THE COMFORTER would wipe your tears and soothe the pain in your heart.

    Cynthia was a wonderful person!
    I remember the days in Lausanne when I worked with her in hospitality! She was such an inspiration to me as a young YWAMer – always warm, friendly, smiling, positive and joyfully serving!
    I remember her telling me that you, Tom, and her were praying for more male students in the DTSs, for men to raise up and become good husbands for the wonderful female YWAM staff members 🙂

    Well, your prayers worked! Lausanne is where Rich and I met and got married! THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!

    And thank you for pouring out your lives for us – and so so many more!
    Cynthia’s life was VERY FRUITFUL – and I know that she is (or will be) hearing “Well done, good and faithful servant”!

    She has run the race well – and is now receiving and seeing what – and who – she lived for!

    May God’s grace be upon you who remain in a very tangible way as you walk out this difficult journey without Cynthia.

    You will continue to be in our prayers.

    Much love from Isabel and Rich in New Zealand

  35. Marie (Marie-France) Privette (used to be Raymond) CaringBridg…May the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. This is my prayer for you, Tom, Phil and Amy. He will shine his face on you and will be gracious to you. He will carry you through this and beyond.I can still see Cynthia in Lausannne, running back and forth between the house where you lived, and the YWAM base… crossing the small parking lot with her smile as bright as the sun shines… she was on a mission!Cynthia was a true women of God who has influenced so many lives!Thank you Tom, for coming to Europe, bringing her with you and sharing her with all of us.You have been in my prayers every day and will continue to be.

  36. Jean-Patrick et Ruth Perrin from CaringBridgeAimer ?Aimer c’est : penser !Réfléchir, méditer.Chercher le bien à tout instant,Honnir le mal si rebutant.Trouver le chemin de son cœurY semer le bonheur !Qui chassera son malheur. Aimer c’est : donner !Et finalement se donner.S’oublier,Cesser de compter.Aller vers l’autre sans se lasser,Lui pardonner !Ne pas revendiquer. Aimer c’est : agir !Jour et nuit sans fléchir.Combler les fossés,Briser l’exclusion,Construire des relations.Visiter, soutenir ;Refuser de faiblir. Aimer c’est : mourir !Déposer ses ambitions,Crucifier ses réactions.Oublier ses titres, sa position,Servir simplement.Renoncer à ma gloire,Et enfin, découvrir la tienne. Aimer c’est : simplement LE suivre !
    Merci Cynthia et Tom d’avoir su nous aimer et nous conduire quand nous en avions tellement besoin. Cynthia nous a précédé, nous nous réjouissons de bientôt la revoir, guérie!

  37. Susan Aderton Caring BridgeDear Tom, Cynthia, Phillip and AmyI have sat here reading all of the beautiful messages from all over the world and it makes my heart grow seeing how your life has affected so many people . I remember  seeing Tom and Cynthia as a child at Aunt Wez’s house and the two of them seeming so in love and certain of their calling in life. Cynthina to me was the most beautiful and soft spoken wife of Tom the  older cousin with the exotic handlebar mustache.  I can only offer prayers to you but I know for sure she will be with God and when we all find our way to heaven she will be there waiting to help us along in the journey. LoveCousin Sue 

  38. Glenn Martin CaringBridgeDear Tom and Cynthia, Philip and Amy;Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We remember with such fondness our few times with Cynthia in Switzerland, when with such genuine kindness she served us as guests, educated us on boosting our immune system to fight the common colds we had, helped us find our way in the well-ordered but oddly bewildering train system,  and made us feel SO appreciated and honored to be there.  And she was such a PERFECT MESSENGER ANGEL for our daughter Kayla while Kayla attended DTS in Burtigny . . . graciously facilitating little surprises . . . Cynthia represented Jesus so well to those around her!With love and prayer from the Dominican Republic,Glenn and Rhoda Martin

  39. Walter Subora CaringBridge -Tom & Cynthia,We have been praying for you since we heard about Cynthia. I was just musing about the class you and Cythia taught at Calvary Church, which turned into Mindy and My pre-marital counseling. It was a true miracle, that in a church of over 2500, we were the only ones to ever attend that class!!!It was a truly enjoyable time with you both. Especially, when Cynthia came over to my house and cooked the big pot of fried rice.  The time we spent with you as well as your doing our wedding were some of the most enjoyable I have had as a member of the family.I always thought of Lily of the Valley when I think of Cynthia. Beuatiful scented flowers, but a strong stalk. Able to thrive where other flowers perish. I will always remember her this way.I pray that God the Father will keep you in His hands during this difficult time with the full knowledge that Jesus HAS prepared a place for Cynthia that will exceed her wildest dreams.Wish we could be with you now in person, but know we are with you in spirit all the time. 

  40. Todd and Vickie Hedgepeth CaringBridgeDear, Sweet Bloomers, You all continue to be in our prayers.  We are so grateful for the ways you have impacted our lives. We look through the years and see it while we celebrate a Love Feast, when we have conversations regarding the U of N, the ways of God, being like Jesus. On our recent trip to Holmstead, we were commenting on some of the things we noticed around the property and Aimme Haase tells us of the precious time with “all the staff, students and The Bloomers”…learning about gardening and foundations all at the same time. Even now, as you walk through this part of your journey, we are walking with you, albeit from afar. We are grateful for your lives. We are honored to stand with you, to lift you in prayer, to weep over you…to be a part of your YWAM family. Thank you for living lives of such beauty and faithfulness. How precious you are to us. Love to each of you…

  41. Ana Roncal CaringBridge

    Dear Tom, Dear Cynthia

    It’s amazing how vividly those rather short times with you can be remembered now, and how remarkable they were in my life.   People of excellency who even not knowing it challenge others to live that way, excelling. 

    For every story about Switzerland said with scholarly tune, there was the fragile and delicate, yet also definitely strong figure of a fine woman.  

    Thank you for what you are in the Lord, for teaching us to love  Him completely, with our minds and hearts.

    Ana Roncal, “the Spanish lady” (that’s how Philip called me the first time I went to Lausanne)

  42. David Ross CaringBridge

    Dear Tom and Cynthia,

    I feel like this ordeal is so similar to the one Mary and Martha experienced with their brother Lazarus.  Those closest to Jesus were the ones who were tested the most.  When Mary said, weeping,  “Lord, if You had been here,….”… You know the story.

    Cynthia, you know I loved Howard.  I have always seen His gentle loving spirit in you.  When both of you were in Kona in the 80s, it was such a privilege to be part of God’s plan to connect you to Phillip.  And it is beautiful to see how wonderful a son and man of God he has become.

    As I have been praying for you, I am aware that God has 100s if not thousands in intercession. I remember Joy Dawsons teaching on “Some of the ways of God in healing”.  It is not a cookbook approach.  He rarely does something the same way twice. 

    So, my prayer has been to release Holy Spirit revelation down upon the army of intercessors He has poised around the world.  Each of us longs for God to do a work of grace that would astound the nations, as He did with Lazarus. 

    Many of us are likely uncertain what we should ask for.  We know what we want, but are uncertain of what He wants.   So we remain in His presence presenting you before His throne of grace, as His Spirit leads us.Beauty opens the heart and draws us into a bond. 

    Your spirit is beautiful Cynthia.  Remembering you draws me to my heavenly father, just like Howard did.  It is a legacy that I sense we will only understand when we are all before Him.

    Grace and peace abound to you all, Tom, Cynthia, Phillip, Amy, Carolyn, John.  

    With much love, 


  43. Kristin Bovee CaringBridge –

    Cynthia to me will always be the embodiment and enduring example of grace, hope and hospitality.  Even still when I see a beautiful garden or work in my own, inevitably my thoughts wander at some point to that little plot of ground in Burtigny that Cynthia made grow, (and that I had nightmares about killing while she went to China and placed me in charge of its care!)  

    I learned from her that “the little things” matter and the joy that comes from simply appreciating the beauty that is around us…and sometimes bringing it inside and letting it decorate our tables. 

    She will undoubtedly make heaven a more beautiful, hospitable and inviting place to be.

    Kristin Bovee (Houston, TX)

  44. Brittany Abrego CaringBridge

    To Cynthia,Your sweetness has never left me since the moment I met you in 2009. You welcomed myself and 3 others into your home and made us feel so special and cared for. 

    I still remember and treasure the day you dropped my friend and I at the train station in Nyon, made sure we got the correct tickets and you were waiting for us at exactly 5pm when we came home. Just like a good mother does.

    You are very loved and very special.

    I love you and your family very much.

  45. Michael and Marcia Ambrose CaringBridge –

    Sweet Cynthia, 

    what joy you bring to everyone!  May you bask in the love of Jesus continually as you prepare to join Him in your mansion!    How often we used to talk of this, always laughing together.  Our hearts are bursting with love for you.

    Tom, we know the burden of this for you and Philip and others.  May you rest in the loving arms of Jesus, experiencing both the pain of letting go and the joy of knowing that Cynthia is with her Lord now and for all eternity.  May Jesus turn your mourning into dancing with Him.  

    Our deepest love is with you all.

  46. Monique Roggo CaringBridge

    Chers Tom et Cynthia

    C’est le sourire et le rire de Cynthia qui est là dans mon esprit alors que je vous écris.

    Merci pour qui vous êtes tous!

    Big hug


  47. From Facebook – Rebekah Burtness
    Thankful for having known Cynthia Bloomer in this life. She was such a wonderful, beautiful woman and she blessed all who knew her. My love and prayers to Tom, Philip, and Amy. You are in my heart.

  48. From Facebook  Aimee L Haase

    Ever mindful and remembering the beautifully lived life of Cynthia Bloomer today. What an incredible joy filled, nurturing, encouraging, loving and funny lady. Remembering such sweet times with Tom Bloomer and Cynthia @ “Bloomer’s in the Garden” the last couple of summers at Holmsted Manor, spending time with you both learning of Gods way through his creation. 

    Tom’s note about her passing was unbelievable … Still in times like this he continues to stretch our minds and teach US such timely truth. 

    We will miss you dearly Cynthia, your life touch so many! Tom may continue to meet you in every way needed.

  49. From Facebook –  Claire De Toth
    is reminded that there is a better place waiting for us… with joy, dancing, napkins, flowers and peace ! Cynthia I will miss you but I know you are enjoying yourself with God. The circle will not be the same without you 😉

    Tom Bloomer and family, my prayers are with you. 

    Je vous aime fort !

  50. Cynthia’s Obituary – written by Tom – 

    Cynthia was the first-born of Howard and Carolyn Gay Malmstadt on 12 January 1949, in Madison, Wisconsin. Sister Alice was born in 1951, and brother Jon in 1953. Howard became a world-famous scientist in his field (see the Wikipedia article about him). 

    Alice remembers: Cynthia was an entertainer from the day she was born, with her bright eyes and beautiful smile. She loved dancing and singing and dressing up in costumes. Dinner time was never dull! Cynthia graduated from Scripps College (California) in 1971, and went on to complete a second Bachelor’s from the University of North Dakota in 1972.               

    She met Tom early that same year, and they were married in 1973 by Dick Foth at Urbana Assembly (Illinois). They went to Europe as short-term missionaries, and after two years in Switzerland received a long-term calling. They ministered as a team leading YWAM’s French ministries and the Lausanne training center, and then went to help pioneer the University of the Nations in Hawaii with her father and Loren Cunningham. Afterward they returned to Europe to help pioneer the University of the Nations development there.              

    Cynthia excelled at the ministry of hospitality by inviting friends over for a meal, a tea party, or Easter egg coloring. She had a particular gift of welcoming people and making them feel special; some who were greeted by her only once, many years ago, have never forgotten that radiant smile.  

    She was a gifted teacher, in the UofN schools and also as a teacher of English to several in her Swiss village of Burtigny, and abroad. She shared and prayed with many of the staff and students over the years, always ready to listen and counsel. Her friendships lasted, even the ones made in the 1970’s.               

    After years of prayer for a child, in 1986 Cynthia and Tom became parents of Philip. In 1997 they co-founded the first association for the parents of ADHD children in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, leading to many speaking and sharing opportunities for each of them.  Philip’s marriage to Amy in 2010 was a high point in Cynthia’s life.               

    Cynthia was a missionary in the fullest sense of the word, ever reaching out with all her heart, soul and strength.  She adopted this land and its people, and was adopted by them; she was more at home here than anywhere else.  She chose to be buried in Burtigny’s peaceful village churchyard, in the land she served so faithfully. Memories and tributes may be posted, and read, at 

    Tom Bloomer, with help from Alice, 29 April 2012

  51. From Facebook – Eva Spengler 

    Dearest Tom, we have so ached for you, (and us), and watched and grieved and wept; (and rejoiced for heaven’s gain) from afar…there are no small emotions and often no words….please know how precious and loved you, Philip, Amy and Alice, are; embraced, comforted and held up by Jesus’ strong arms!!

  52. Cher Tom et famille,

    C’est de tout cœur que nous sommes avec vous en prières et en pensées.

    Oui vraiment, Cynthia savait faire sentir aux autres qu’ils ont de l’importance. Notre fille Priscilla a été à l’école du dimanche avec elle il y a des années de cela et Cynthia était merveilleuse. Même récemment, lorsque nous nous sommes rencontrés, Cynthia m’a demandé comment allait Priscilla, alors que cela fait des années qu’elle ne l’avait pas vue. Quelle gentillesse, what a caring attitude.

    Et que dire de la manière dont Cynthia et toi, Tom, êtes devenus Suisses, de coeur et de culture. Une vrai richesse pour la Suisse.

    Merci Cynthia pour qui tu as été. Tu restes gravés dans nos coeurs.

    Famille Köhli

  53. Sydney and Ruth Moyo

    The first image that captures about Cynthia is her exuberant joy all over her face. She brought joy to many people and continues to be that joy to all in heaven. Tom you narrated well your love  life  sharing with your beautiful wife. 

  54. Tom, I have prayed much for you these days… that when that deep pain seems too much, Jesus’ deeper love sustains.   When you pass through the waves of grief, He will tumble through them with you.  What a beautiful life Cynthia displayed, and she will be missed by oh-so-many!

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