Hilary Rue

Hilary Rue, a member of the leadership team from The Kings Lodge in England was killed in a car accident just outside the gates of the YWAM property in November, 2005.

From Kings Lodge

This sad event has brought to an end the life of a woman who was held in high regard across YWAM England and who had invested her life in supporting those in front line missions across the world. Hilary was an influential figure in the leadership of The King’s Lodge serving on the leadership team. Hilary, a woman of passion and integrity but most of all our friend, will be deeply missed.

She leaves behind Les – her husband – and their daughter, Joanna, her mother and Shelagh her sister. Please pray that they will continue to feel the peace and presence of God and for the rest of their family.

From Les Rue, her husband:

“Hilary and I joined YWAM January 1995 when we both did our Relief and Development DTS at Harpenden under David Painting (School Leader). We went on outreach to Cambodia working with the Hagar Project in Phnom Penh. Hilary had a really hard time there but grew in adversity, as it were, whereas I was totally fulfilled and changed for ever by the experience. In fact we both were. In effect we never went back home but went on from there to help pioneer the Relief and Development DTS at Heidebeek. We were there 3 years in total with a break half way to staff another R&D DTS at Harpenden. With that DTS we went to Uzbekistan working in quite a remote place. It was a bit of a spiritual battle all the way through for Hilary but she stuck at it and made a lasting impression on some Uzbek friends who later become Christians when two members of the team we led returned to Uzbekistan to work long term in development and church planting.

“We came to The King’s Lodge at the end of 1999 working under in Becky Mehaffey in the Missions Department. We also staffed a number of CDTSs. Hilary had a great impact through the Member Care Department she helped start and was quite a prophetic voice on the Leadership Team here. She spoke many significant prophetic words into people’s lives and was well loved here at The King’s Lodge. She was a very good administrator and organiser and had a boldness, but also a gentleness, in leading some of our intercession times. She also organised and led Prayer Breakfasts for local pastors and clergy in the area with the aim of working together and strengthening one another’s ministry.”

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  1. Hilary and Les had also been staff in Holland at the YWAM Heidebeek base for a number of years. They helped pioneer the Relief and Development DTS as well as staffing the School of Frontier Missions.
    For a time Hilary, always the servant, assisted me in my function as Assistant Base Leader and Support Manager. We shared a passion for worship! Hilary was a worshipper and now she is undoubtedly fully engulfed in this passion as she worships Jesus in His presence!

    Belinda van de Loo
    YWAM Heidebeek
    Worship Ministry/Call2Worship

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