Jeff Littleton

July 8, 2009

Jeff was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 18, 1943 and died July 8, 2009 in Penang, Malaysia. He had a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin. He and Diane are graduates of Bethany School of Missions in Minneapolis, Minnesota and are members of Bethany Missionary Church. Jeff and Diane met and married in Malaysia. They have two children and four grandchildren.

The Littletons joined YWAM in 1972 and moved to Kona, Hawaii just before the purchase of the U of N campus and were part of the early formation of the College of Counseling and Health Care (CCHC). The Littletons returned to Asia in 1990 for Jeff to pioneer the CCHC in the Asia-Pacific region.

Jeff was a YWAM leader, a man of God, a mentor, an international teacher, a prophetic encourager, self-less servant and lover of people.As was shared at his funeral, he was a good husband, a good father, a good grandfather and a good friend. He shared God’s heart and love for people around the world and Jeff will be deeply missed. It was stated on numerous occasions that he was an Asian man in a white man’s body.

As Jeff’s daughter Susan wrote, “Dad lived to tell others this simple message: Father God so loved the world that He gave His only Son for us, and through Christ’s death and resurrection He can heal and change even the most broken. Therefore we are all compelled to go forth and share this good news with the whole earth–there is a way to come home to the Father!”

Thank you Jeff for your faithfulness and obedience to God, your family and all of those who God touched through you.

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  1. Marie and I first met Jeff and Diane in 1975 at Bethany Fellowship in Minneapolis. Jeff’s warm smile and heart for people came through at that first meeting. We then were able to reconnect in Bangkok in 1980 as we both were serving the Indo-Chinese refugees who were flooding into Thailand. His heart for the poor and needy, those who suffer and were being oppressed was a constant reminder of God’s heart for those who are vulnerable. We have seen God’s heart over the years as God has used Jeff in touching so many lives.

    We stand with you Diane, Susan and John and your families that the God of all comfort will be near you during these days and you will be so aware of his love, his care and his walking with you. Know of our prayers.

    Steve and Marie

  2. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” — Psalm 116:15

    Dear friends and family,

    On Wednesday afternoon, and after returning from the funeral of Neil Weiner (a mentor from work) earlier this week, I received more sad news that Jeff Littleton, another dear and close mentor from YWAM and beloved friend of me and my family, passed away in the early morning of July 8 in Malaysia… Today (Friday), a private funeral was held in Penang to cremate and bury Jeff’s body in Asia, as he had wanted. A memorial service celebrating Jeff’s life will be held in Penang in September. Please pray for his wife Diane and their children (Susan Allen and John) and grandchildren that their hearts will be comforted in their time of grieving and that the Lord’s peace and presence will be with them as they draw closer to Him and to each other.

    As my heart is recovering from a period of mourning and finally starting to rejoice in the legacy that Jeff leaves behind, I don’t really know where to start in my sharing though I can briefly share how I first met Jeff and the deep and profound impact he has made on my life….

    I first met Jeff through my mom. She met Jeff while completing a BEDTS in Seoul (a part-time version of the Discipleship Training School I completed in Kona a few years ago and one in which the Acts DTS, in which I have been currently serving outside of my work at Vera, is modeled after). Jeff was teaching and praying for students in that BEDTS, and he prayed for my mom and our whole family during that time (while I was in the U.S.). The Lord was gracious in allowing us to grow in our relationship and friendship with Jeff and his wife Diane over the years as we kept in touch, as they introduced me to other friends, and as our paths crossed in Kona and Seoul. Jeff and Diane’s loving guidance, friendship, and prayers have made a profound impact on my life and my family’s life. And they have rejoiced with me in good times and have helped walked me through some very challenging times, transitions, and decisions…

    I don’t know where to end in my sharing as there are lots for which to be grateful, but I can say that I am beginning to see and discover even more fulfillment of the prophetic words that Jeff first prayed over me years ago — one being that the Lord would be sending me to the nations with a vision and a heart for cross-cultural reconciliation and healing… When I wondered and doubted how that could possibly be and how my closed heart and mind would even be *willing* to travel outside my comfort zones in the U.S. and Korea in pursuit of larger dreams and purposes outside myself, I realize all the more now that God has indeed been faithful, even when I was not and even when my faith was so small…

    I see fulfillment in Jeff’s first among many prayers as I reflect on my experiences in just the last two years alone — from graduating from the Compassion DTS in Kona to then traveling to Ethiopia, and Uganda with a growing heart for missions and love for those who are broken and suffering; to Korea and Japan with deeper bonds with my parents and a growing curiosity and appreciation for my familial roots in North Korea and South Korea; and to Nigeria, India, Austria, Haiti, Liberia, and perhaps other countries in pursuit of what God has placed on my heart for justice as expressed through my work for Vera…

    Jeff Littleton lived a very full and fruitful life, and I do know that he will continue to touch and impact the lives of many who will remember him or hear about him. In my most recent exchange with Diane, she mentioned her prayer that whatever the Lord birthed in me through Jeff will live. Though I have yet to discover and understand the complete picture and fullness of all of this, I pray this as well and do trust that the Lord will complete what He started through Jeff, not just in my life but in the lives of many.

    As I am now able to rejoice that Jeff is absent from the body and present with the Lord at rest in His presence, I’d like to share a picture of Jeff, Diane and their granddaughters (attached), one email excerpt from Jeff and Diane during one of my moments of seeking wisdom that I hope will encourage you in whatever transition you may be going through or decision you need to make, and below that an excerpt from a song that to me reflects what I take away from remembering Jeff.

    Soak yourself in the assurance of His love. Be secure in that and go on from there. “A good man’s (woman’s) steps are ordered by the Lord” He will keep you [where you presently are] or He, Himself will release you. You are His precious child.

    Words from “Lord of Lords” by Brooke Fraser/Hillsong:
    Beholding Your beauty. Is all that I long for. To worship You Jesus. Is my sole desire. For this very heart. You have shaped for Your pleasure. Purposed to lift Your Name higher. Here in surrender. In pure adoration. I enter Your courts. With an offering of praise. I am Your servant. Come to bring You glory. As is fit for the work of your hands. Now unto the Lamb who sits on the throne. Be glory and honour and praise. All of creation resounds with the song. Worship and praise Him. The Lord of lords. Spirit now living. And dwelling within me. Keep my eyes fixed. Ever on Jesus’ face. Let not the things of this world. Ever sway me. I’ll run ’till I finish the race…”

    Thank you for reading and remembering Jeff with me. He will hold a very special place in my heart and the hearts of my family. Please keep Diane, their children and grandchildren in your prayers.

    Blessings, and in loving memory of Jeff Littleton,

  3. Jeff Littleton’s passing in Penang comes as a big shock as he was a close friend and visited us many times in India encouraging us with prophetic and encouraging words. He ministered the Father Heart of God to many of our counseling leaders. He spoke many times at the UofN campus in Lonavala and here in Pune as well as in many other parts of India. Jeff is an early YWAMer who carried the welfare of YWAM deeply in his heart. He often stayed with my brother in Seattle and branched out from there to speak in many churches across the US. His passing is a great loss to YWAM and to the world.


  4. I have only met Jeff Littleton once and that was in the late 70’s when he and Dr Thompson conducted a seminar in Baguio City. Only once, but I never forgot his kind smiling eyes, his care for people. I send my condolences to Diane and family, may God give Diane the strength to face life without Jeff.


  5. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    Jeff Littleton has such deep discernments, understanding, wisdom and ways to deliver words powerfully and truthfully in ministering, rebuking, commenting, building up and championing others. I have been one of those who has been blessed with his insights and words. I pray that Jeff’s legacy of seeing people being set freed and healed to become more reality and effective by and through those he has discipled all over the world. Rest in peace until we meet again Mr. Littleton.
    Love & Respectfully in Him,

    Onn Kulchol from Thailand
    Shalom ♥

  6. From Tribute to Jeff Littleton – Facebook

    I worked with Jeff in Kona starting schools while he was busy in the counseling schools. Jeff had a vibrant seriousness about being real. He was passionate to see people healed and to come to truth. Several times through the years in India Jeff would come by and have long heart to hearts with me and that meant the world to me. Two years ago a took a long with Jeff and Diane and we took the pulse of our organization around the world and shared our lives. I’m deeply saddened by his passing. I’ll miss you a lot Jeff and look forward to seeing you up there.

    Loren Claassen from India

  7. From Facebook- Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    Jeff was a dear friend. I remember the wonderful year we spent with our two families together in Thailand in 1980 working on behalf of the refugees there. We are saddened by this loss.
    We are praying for you, Diane, Susan, John and families. May God’s grace sustain you in this very difficult time.

    Joe Portale

  8. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    Jeff was and has been a dear truthful prophetic friend for 33 years. I listened to Jeff and trusted him. He will be very missed in the mission. His ministry to YWAM associates was powerful and encouraged many.

    Our prayers and love go to Diane and family.

    Love and sincere sympathy,


  9. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    Jeff was a mentor to me on many occasions when he came through Kona. I can still remember the wise, down to earth advice he gave me when I was walking through deep waters. His prayers were full of confidence and warmth. I sought him out whenever he came, because his presence was an encouragement to me. I loved relating to him and John during the time John was at Wheaton. He was SO proud of his son! He challenged me too with his commitment to good nutrition and exercise. He had such a discipline in that area.

    Jeff, I miss you, but you left your mark on me and hundreds of others….

    Derek Chignell

  10. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    Dear Diane! One of the most profound words ever spoken over me were spoken by Jeff as I was staffing an Island Breeze DTS. I remember this word almost word for word and it has inspired me over the years..

    May He grant you grace at this time. Much love,

    Kit Hackett

  11. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    When we heard about Jeff’s passing all of us in the Prayer Room at the UofN Kona, praying for the Pacific – got a clear word that like Elisha’s bones that touched the young man’s dead body and sprang to life. As Jeff laid in peace on the soil of Malaysia, that this nation would “come to life and stand on its feet”. Lord bring to pass your word on behalf of your faithful servant Jeff.

    Much aloha to Diane, Susan and John!

    Coleman Kealoha Kaopua (Hawaii, HI)

  12. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    We are so very sad to hear the news of Jeff’s passing.
    Jeff was a tender, sensitive gentle warrior and he will be greatly missed!
    Our hearts go out to you Diane and the family and we keep you in our prayers!

    Libby A Goehner

  13. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    Jeff released God’s word of prophecy to me during my CDTS in 1993 and I am still walking out and seeing God bringing into being what He said 16 years ago!! Both Jeff & Diane ministered to us and we are grateful to God for sending them to us. Jeff will be greatly missed by all who know and love him.

    Our prayers are with Diane and family.

    Dorcas Yeo, Singapore

  14. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    We remember those early days in Hawaii. We are grateful for Jeff’s commitment to live selflessly and freely so that others could more clearly see their own course. Thank you.

    We are remembering and we are praying for you, Diane.

    Gayle Keapproth

  15. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    Our memories of Jeff span over many years. We will miss Jeff so much, but we are deeply grateful for the impact he has had in our lives over the years. He and Diane played a significant role in different stages of building in YWAM India in our lives and as a ministry. We remember well the times of fellowship and laughter, but most of all the times of ministry.

    God gifted Jeff with a unique ministry of “prophetic encouragement.” A gift we have not seen in anyone else. The ability to call out the gifts of God within a person and challenge us on to fan that gift within. We saw Jeff literally “pour his life out as a drink offering” to others and Diane at his side continually working with him to build and to remind Jeff he had limits and needed to pull back sometimes.

    Thank you Jeff and Diane for what you have impacted into our lives. I-Tim believe it was through Jeff’s prophetic encouragement that the vision and passion for Cities was birthed in my heart. Love and prayers,

    Tim and Karol

  16. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    Thank you for what you have done for Him in our region, Asia! Praying for your family and friends who will surely miss you!

    Cristina Ancheta

  17. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    Yes its a sad day to hear the news but we are happy for Jeff to be in the presence of the Lord. We also appreciated both Jeff and Diane’s ministry into our lives and the lives of many of our students. YWAM was a “great place to be” with the Littletons around.

    We thank the Lord for you Jeff and may the Lord bless Diane and the kids. We still enjoy the memory of staying in your home in Penang and will miss your earthly contribution to the Kingdom. Have fun with Jesus and we will see you by and by.

    Nelson Deshotel

  18. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    Jeff had such a concern for broken people and spent his life seeking to see them healed. He had zeal-seems missing in a lot of people these days. You will be missed Jeff.

    Fay Williams

  19. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    What a homecoming Jeff must have had. We will miss him. The Littleton’s were wonderful neighbors and friends in Penang. Our prayers are with you!

    Colleen Harbison

  20. Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    I’m still in shock. In ’83 Lydia and I partnered with Jeff during the LTS in Kona for our class project. We worked on a strategy that might help evangelise Malaysia. Rather than following through with that we, and the Littletons, stayed in Kona and helped with the development of the UofN. But eventually Jeff moved the family back to Malaysia… And eventually our daughter married a Malaysian. Jeff was a precious friend who will be missed by many.

    Our aloha and prayers for Dianne and the family.

    David B Hall

  21. We loved Jeff so much. Compassionate, gentle yet zealous, self sacrificing and faithful, God fearing and always a 110% are words we think of to describe Jeff.

    We are so thankful for your friendship Jeff and Dianne; from Kona, to Thailand to your visit to us just a year ago. Your love, strength and prophetic encouragement ministered much to Tove and I.

    Tove and John

  22. Jeff often started his prophetic prayer with these words……"We invite you now Holy Spirit to come and just give to us the ability to share with one another words of life..words Lord that build up, words Father that perhaps bring clarification and understanding to our lives."……and yes this is what Jeff’s ministry did for so many of us……we will miss you Jeff…. Diane our hearts and love go out to you and your family at this sad time…much love, care and prayers from Mel & Brenda Hilario on behalf of YWAM Family Ministries Philippines……..

  23. I first met Jeff on my LTS in Kona in 1986 and was immediately impressed with his warmth and love. We came into contact now in then over the following years. He had such a wonderful gift of encouragement and I remember him one day giving me a tape of prophetic prayers for my wife and for each of our 3 kids – whom he didnt know. What a guy. He will be missed.

    Stephe & Rite

  24. Peggy and I first met Jeff and Diane when they came to Copenhagen for the SOS of 1972. They helped to lead the team at the hippie commune that had just opened called Kristiania. Even back then Jeff’s heart was for hurting people and it never changed.

    Whenever Peggy speaks of Jeff and Diane it’s always about their passionate love for Malaysia and the people. They pined to return to the land where they first met and live and serve the people.

    Jeff, you will be missed. Diane and family, we stand with you in the anticipation that one day we will all be reunited and boy, will we have lots of stories to tell. We love you. Paul and Peggy Hawkins

  25. Jeff and I worked together in BCS and FMS from ’83-’87. Jeff and Diane visited our family in WA state and added to the lives of my growing children. A mentor and friend Jeff was for me. A human face in a beautifully divine work. He reminded me daily, by his example, that the ear and heart of God was as near to me as my own. I loved the gift of God in you, Jeff. It poured out so naturally and freely. You will be wonderfully remembered and terribly missed.

  26. I used to run a DTS-type training program in Singapore and Jeff would come to minister the Divine Plumb-line (inner healing & the Father Heart of God) to my Asian students. Sometimes within 30 minutes of meeting the students Jeff would be ministering powerfully in the Holy Spirit to release believers from strongholds and hurts and introducing them to the love that is found in Jesus Christ. It was an amazing thing to watch. He had an unusual ability to touch hearts with people. I know there are thousands of people who have come to know Father God and to yield to His Sovereignty through Jeff’s ministry. Jeff and Diane, in their marriage, wonderfully modeled the relationship Jesus Christ has with His Church. Jeff showed Jesus to me and many others through his humility, love, servanthood and deep love for Jesus Christ. My life is richer because of Jeff’s encouragement and teaching. What a wonderful life to have lived in fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  27. Jeff is a mentor, a father and a great friend and support in our college, his prophesy to me help me a lot to dream big. He challenge me to grow. He made a big impact in my life when I just starting in this college, his continues love and support was a strength. Every time I remember Jeff he is man of wisdom and insight. I’m sure I will miss him a lot. Diane, your husband is a legend in God’s kingdom, he touches so many people and I know that God is so proud of him and we do too, I salute his commitment to see people grow. Know that my prayers are with you family.
    In behalf of the leadership of this Base and our staff we send our Condolence to you Diane and Family. We do pray that the Lord’s comfort be with you at this time of grieving.

    Rose Galano
    Antipolo Training Center Philippines

  28. Jeff Littleton is one of the most influential authority figure in my life. I see him as an asian man in a white mans body. He has a big heart for asian people. He was a good mentor, he makes you laugh, he makes you cry, very humble, very compassionate, approachable and very caring. In many ways, he showed and demonstrated to me the love of my Heavenly Father. I remembered, when I was in YWAM Canberra,I was school staff for IBC, Jeff took time to listen and sit down with me and see how am I doing. That was very comforting, because it was my first time to live outside the Philippines. When I moved to YWAM New Zealand to work as school staff for FMS, he did the same thing.I have high respect for Jeff, He is the reflection of God’s love.
    Lord, thank you for bringing Jeff into my life, thank you for all the giftings you entrusted to him that touch lives of poeple all over the world. Lord may your presence be with his family right now specially Diane in Jesus name. Amen.
    Love from
    Dela Fuente Family

  29. It is hard to receive this news of the dear man who ministered to so many of us back in my earliest days in YWAM- that was in Honolulu in the early 80s.
    May the Lord surround Diane and their children and grandchildren with His great love and comfort. If our arms could reach round the world you would be receiving thousands of embraces.


  31. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton –

    I haven’t seen Jeff for many years, but remember his gentle, kind spirit during my counseling school in Jan. 1981. My thoughts and prayers are with Diane and the family. “The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run to it and are safe”. Pr. 18:10

    Maureen Kuhne

  32. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff LittletonWe are so sad to hear about Jeff’s passing away. He has been a real source of blessing to us personally and to YWAM Chennai. We have seen a tremendous love for the Lord and a clarity in hearing His voice. We have lost a man of God a Jewel to the Mission. Praying for Diane and the kids. We love you very much. Our loss is heavens gain.

    Cheryl Kleinman

  33. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    He was my neighbor, the good husband and father next door. He saw I needed to see Father and he prayed that into me….jeff bacame the surrogate father who walked me down the aisle at my wedding. We walked across to the pavilion to ‘ Jesu Joy of mans desiring ‘ and he past me onto my bridgroom. So jeff will always be a part of my life……even in death. Diane, Susan, John ….no words….just love and tears.

    Wynne Stearns

  34. The news of Jeff’s death was surprising and shocking! This is one of those times when it is best to rest in God’s grace and mercy. It’s hard to believe that Jeff committed suicide, that he could still be saved, and that after his years of service to Jesus that God wouldn’t see into the situation and know that Jeff loved Him even after this tragic event. It’s so much easier when a believer is faithful to the end and dies without any problems so that we can shout “Hallelujah, he’s gone home”, but maybe this just allows for us to witness about God’s grace and mercy, and the fact that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”. To Diane I wish the best for the future, and I urge her to take comfort and joy in her children and grandkids. God is good all the time!

  35. Linda and I first came into contact with the Littletons back in the early 80’s when we joined YWAM. Jeff was one of the leaders in YWAM Kona and from the beginning we were very blessed with his balanced teaching that has been called in YWAM “The Father Heart of God”. I can truly say that Jeff not only taught but lived the Father Heart of God in his endless hours that he spent with staff and students helping them work through the twisted knots of their past and helping set them free for the future into the glorious liberty of the children of God.

    In the 80’s when I was leading the Honolulu base we had Jeff and Diane come over on a regular basis and they spent much time with our staff and students helping them to see God’s character as He truly is. This was both by their words and their actions. We saw much less of the Littletons when they moved to Malaysia but would periodically run into Jeff and he would always be full of zeal and encouragement to know God as He really is. And you always sensed that Jeff really cared for your soul when you were talking to him.

    The last time I ran into Jeff was in Kona a little over a year ago with characteristic zeal and excitement he turned me on to a new book written by a friend of his that opened up more vistas into the love of God that Jeff so much liked to pass on to those who would listen to him. Jeff, however, was not only a man full of the love of God but the power of God as well and only God knows how many thousands of people were changed through their contact with Jeff – not only here in the West but also in Asia and in other parts of the world.

    Linda and I will continue to be in prayer for Diane and the family that they will be able to deal with this tremendous loss but the victory that overcomes the world is our faith (1 John 5:4) and our faith in this situation is to believe that Jeff is sitting in the presence of the Father God that he bragged so much about.

    Aloha, Danny Lehmann

  36. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    I’m continuing to grapple with Jeff’s death. I know it’s no way near what Diane and his family are going through. But it’s so hard to think of him as gone. It has really impacted us. We didn’t see Jeff and Diane all that often, but we enjoyed good fellowship when we did. He was a source of strength within our mission and the Body of Christ. We’ve had several deaths close to us lately, including several in the YWAM family. What Jeff’s death drives me to again and again is this–our time is short. My time is short! It’s all about eternity, not this brief time on earth. “Lord, please give us your comfort. Give us your courage. Help us to fight the good fight and finish the race. Thank you, Jesus, for the life and example of our friend Jeff. Please tell him we love him and will see him soon. And please, hold Diane and his children and grandchildren close, Lord. Heal their hurting hearts.”

    Janice Cunningham

  37. From Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    Jeff is one of the Pillars of God in YWAM! I will never forget him and all that he imparted into my life! Diane we standing with you.


  38. from Facebook – Tribute to Jeff Littleton

    Dearest Jeff, you are so love and a daddy to many of us. your abounding love and heart blesses me so much and by your words of affirmations. you were not able to come to speak during our CIN in Bacolod in 2003, yet you prayed for the 12 of us students by name and sent it to us. I will always treasure your time and love. Diane, my prayers for you and your family that the love of God and his comfort embraces you through this difficult time.

    Love, febilyn

  39. Shalom Diane & families,
    We pray that God will take you all through this time and the time to come that Jeff is no longer with you all. Yes, it was a big shock and sad to hear what brother Jeff was going through for the past year. I might not fully understand all he was going through but one thing I know that when I was going through my Hep C treatment. One off my side effects was not able to sleep in the night. For the past six months I slept very little and some nights I could not sleep. Each night I hope and told Beppie that I desire to have normal sleep. But I was not able and my treatment ended on 25th June. Till today my body heat is there and some night I still can’t sleep but much better the since 25th June. Here what I want to said about brother Jeff as my big brother and a YWAM senior staff & leader that I honor and respect since I met Jeff in Asia & Pacific leaders meeting in Lantau Island in Hong Kong in 84. Christo and I ate durian with Jeff in a hotel room that was our first encounter.

    As a Malaysian I want to thank God for Jeff been in Malaysia in the 70s with you and the children. Later the children are serving in Y Penang and one is close by in Thailand. Jeff have gave his selfless service to YWAM and left his own country for many years to serve God in Asia and station in Penang, Malaysia. Jeff have taught in many of YWAM schools and churches and I’m sure they are all blessed. I’m sure Jeff has contributed in YWAM leadership and part of pioneering YWAM expansion world wide. I’m sure Jeff have gave wise and good council to many YWAM students, YWAM staff and member from the churches. I’ll miss Jeff even we thought we did not serve in the same ministry but the times that we met and have meals together, its was a good time and I do hear Jeff word of wisdom.

    Yes for Beppie and I ( she cried when she know what happened to Jeff ) we ‘ll remember Jeff as a YWAM leader, teacher and a good friend. One or maybe two bad incidents will not take away the called to mission in Jeff life and what Jeff has given to mission. God is an awesome God, God know what is the best and God understand. Good is a good and righteous. We want to give bro Jeff to God. Again as a family is not a easy road but God is there all the time and we hope and pray that we all will release our feelings to God for Jeff.
    I know your family will have a private funeral. Will remember to pray for you all from time to time. May the good and almighty God be with you and your families.



  40. “Jeff Littleton’s Memorial Service will be held in Penang, Malaysia on Saturday evening, September 26, 2009.

    We will set a time and venue within the next few weeks, and we will also communicate regarding accommodation options.

    Please consider joining us as we celebrate Jeff’s life.”

  41. he revealed the Father to those who needed a glimpse of the Father,
    he spoke tenderly to those in pain,
    he never let a single soul pass by without the Word of Life.
    now, he finally rests in the Father’s arms.

    thank you. thank you so very much.
    you have been such a blessing to our family, to our country and to the rest of southeast asia (and the rest of the world as well).

    we’ve had the honor of knowing this man of God, and inviting him to minister to so many people over the past couple decades.
    Jeff has been a wonderful mentor ever, prayer partner and an encouragement from God in the form of a man.
    we still remember clearly how we were blessed by his prayer and counsel back in DTS ’88, in the Philippines (1993), in FMS, Canberra ’95 and in various other occasions in the US and in Korea.

    we are shocked and grieved of such a tragic news, yet we believe God our Father has called him Home for a ‘Rest’ none of us could give or accommodate.

    till we meet again on the other side,

    David, Young and Wang Lee
    Onnuri Community Church
    Pyeongtaek, Republic of Korea

  42. Jeff was a good friend and a confidant. In my earlier years of ministry, he helped direct my path and skills in counseling, and continued to give amazingly accurate prophetic words at critical juncture points in my life. I can say that he was a father in the faith to me, and his passing is a great loss to me as well as to his family and the Body of Christ. I grieve with you, Diane, and your family at his departure to his reward.

    In love,

    Jim Nizza

  43. Dear Father – Thank you for giving us the gift of yourself in Jeff Littleton. He demonstrated your love in such beautiful ways to every person he met, looking for ways to touch and heal through you. I would not be the person I am today if it had not been for Jeff and Diane’s ministry all those many years ago in Hawaii, first in DTS and SOE and then in the Biblical Counseling School with later opportunities for counsel. My husband, Lloyd, and I are grateful for the honor of having Jeff and Diane in our home from time to time but are happy to know that Jeff is with you having the true rest that he needs. Please tell Jeff that we miss him but that we will be ok and some day we will see him. With love, Gail Portin Claassen

  44. Averyl Aeria

    I had the privilege and opportunity to meet Jeff many times over the years he taught and visited in Singapore. Jeff demonstrated the Father in so many ways but most in the way he simply loved on people. It was Jeff’s kindness and the way he simply cared and loved and noticed.

    For many in Singapore, he brought healing and hope and a deep measure of the Father’s love. Thank you God for Jeff Littleton! He is dearly missed!!

  45. Hi Diane.
    I am listening to a prophetic word Jeff gave to me in my IBC in 2002 at YWAM Kona. It was on a cassette tape. I kept that tape all these years and last year I found it and listened to it again and it helped me make a very important decision for my life’s direction. I then transfered it to my computer and just listened to it again. This time I wrote it down, word for word. Even after 8 years it is so fitting, so on target and so encouraging. His words to me will guide me again and again to make wise decisions for my life.
    I am thankful for his life. I am sad that he is gone from this world, but I see him again.

    Bless you Diane.

    Alex Rau

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