Joan Edwards

After completing her YWAM training school, Joan came to Thailand in 1982 from the UK. She was a widow with two grown sons and had such a heart to serve. She was a faithful office staff in Bangkok before moving to the Thai-Cambodian border to serve the Khmer refugees. She had such powerful, simple faith – if God said it – she believed it and held on with tenacity!!

In the days when it was impossible to enter Cambodia, she knew God would make a way – her entry point was as “grandmother”!! Sadly due to medical reasons, Joan had to return to her adopted home of South Africa to be with her sons. While confined in a wheelchair, Joan was heard to say, “Naturally I would love to be able-bodied again but I want to start doing things, as I am; after all look what quadriplegics have managed to do and I am ONLY paraplegic!”

In her December newsletter she stated, “1991 looks like an exciting year!” On March 22, 1991, Joan – who had fought the good fight…kept the faith…finished the race and was given her place of glory with the Lord whom she served so faithfully and unreservedly.

She helped lay the foundation for so much that is happening in YWAM Thailand today and we are grateful for how she kept us on the mark with her straight talk and her great sense of humor. Thank you Lord for allowing our lives to connect.

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  1. Joan was a woman who loved practically. She was a mom to many. That was why she had so many Khmer refugees around her. They were accepted. They were loved. There was no communication barrier to her smile and friendly interaction. She had a big heart that was open to all.

    She also loved God. She wanted to obey him. When she came to work with Khmer refugees along the Thai/Cambodian border, she heard God’s voice to her to go to Cambodia and also love the people there. It seemed like every door was closed except that door to be who she was – a grandmother who loved.

    She was a wonderful example of simple faith, Love of God and Love for her Neighbor.

    Steve and Marie

  2. When I first saw Joan on her DTS, the first thought was ‘What a godly woman’ and assumed she’d led a sheltered life with never a trouble in sight. What a surprise I got during our first talk.

    My first thought was right. Joan was a godly woman, who was sold out to God, believed His word and acted upon it. When she returned to London to learn Khmer, we spent many hours together praying and laughing. Her faith that God would do whatever He said and enable her to do whatever He asked will be my lasting remembrance of her.

    Ila Howard.

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