John Clark

John Clark, 1933-2004. John Clark was married to Valerie Clark and they had 4 kids: Andrew, Louise, Jeremy, and Jonathan. John and Val were very involved in YWAM in New Zealand from the 60’s but only joined officialy in 1983. They packed up their beautiful house in Auckland, New Zealand and took their family on a plane journey that would change the rest of their lives. They joined YWAM at Holmsted Manor in the south of England for 6 months. After that they moved to help pioneer the new base in the Midlands of England, called the King’s Lodge. After a year there, John moved with his family to Northern Ireland where they pioneered the work of YWAM in Northern Ireland. After 10 years of pioneering, networking, and ministry during the height of Northern Ireland’s “Troubles”, John and Val moved back to England to join the YWAM Harpenden base. John, took over the bookshop which at the time was struggling, and not thriving at all. Running bookshops was what John had done in the 60’s, and it was second nature to him, and suited his friendly and welcoming personality, along with his attention to detail. The shop took off and became the hub at the Harpenden base, with people calling in from the town, and callers phoning in orders from all over the United Kingdom. The shop quickly started making a profit and John’s generous heart was manifested in his desire to give away as much as possible. There are countless stories of missionaries who stopped by at Harpenden and left with arm-fulls, and in some cases boxes of books!

In 2002 it was discovered that John had cancer. His last 2 years were a gift but went by too quickly. He went to be with Jesus on Father’s Day, 20th June 2004. For a short tribute to him by his son, Jonny, go to

John Clark was a wonderful man, and is missed by many people. He gave up much in his last 25 years on earth, yet it was in this time that he blessed so many people around the world. His legacy lives on with his wife, Val, still serving God while working for YWAM in Harpenden, and by his children and grandchildren: Andrew and Jennifer Clark and their 4 kids, Sydney, Kaylee, Jackson John, and Garrett; Louise and Steve Eichner and their 6 kids, Kirsten, Natalie, Ryan John, Rachel, Travis, and Joshua; Jeremy and Amanda Clark and their 4 kids Shekinah, Grace, Isaac John, and Danielle; and by Jonathan (Jonny) and Jenn Clark, and their 2 kids JJ (John Josiah) and Ridley

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  1. Absolutely a great sacrifice to be remembered and take up his dreams to full fill the void.

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