Moises Neves

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Moises Neves, founder and national leader of King’s Kids Brazil, passed away on February 7 as a result of a January 28 car accident in Brazil. His daughter, Melina, survived the accident. Neves had been in an induced coma in critical condition until his passing last Thursday. Neves leaves behind his wife, Marcia, and five daughters.

As director of King’s Kids Brazil, which he directed from his office in Pitangui, Minas Gerais, Neves inspired countless young people to take their place in the Great Commission while motivating evangelism wherever he went.

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  1. A primeira e única vez que me encontrei com o Moisés foi numa conferência missionária em Campo Grande. Fui tremendamente edificado com a humildade e a simplicidade desse homem de Deus. Que a morte do Moisés sirva para desafiar milhares de jovens a seguir o seu exemplo de vida, dedicação e humildade.

  2. Conheci Moisés quando cheguei em JOCUM, em 1987. Foi lider no primeiro acampamento de adolescentes que eu participei na missão. Como amigo era um cara muito sincero, atencioso, bem humorado, e cheio de amor pelas pessoas – é claro, especialmente crianças, adolescentes, e famílias. E sabia contagiar a todos pela sua maneira simples de amar a Jesus. Ele deve estar curtindo um monte seu início da eternidade lá em cima, vendo ao seu amado Senhor face a face.

  3. The last image I have of him, is from the national staff conference we had in December in Sao Paulo. Landa Cope was preaching intensely from a stand and I was at her side translating. Moisés sat on the first role, with his notebook and pen, taking notes, laughing, with his inquiring eyes showing the answers and at the same time the questions Landa’s messages was bringing to his heart. Moisés Neves was like the Bible Moses, soft, patient and understanding, a real gentleman. He gave KK in Brazil a national profile. Many young people and children in litlle churches, poor and rich, pentecostal or non-pentecostal all over the country have the KK networks, the dances, the songs, and especially the passion for evangelism that was the mark of his life. We thank God for the time he gave us with Moisés. At the same time we want to complain and say to God it seemed to early God! He was still a little kid

  4. Moises was one of the first persons that I meet when I arrived in Brazil. He was friendly and made me feel at home. He lead the Rescue and Restore course I did and was always smiling, always encouraging…

    Through the past 16 years we have ran in to each other, more recenly at the national leader’s meetings and he always came up with a big hug wanting to know how I was, how my fmily was.

    His legacy will go on here in Brazil and around the world!

  5. E eu fui parte daqueles acampamentos, onde minha vida foi mudada pra sempre. Agradeco a Deus por pessoas como o Moises, que me amaram incondicionalmente e aceitaram da mesma maneira, e me mostraram um futuro que eu jamais poderia imaginar. Imagino ele correndo livremente com seu Senhor agora e me alegro…

  6. I’ve met Moises back in 1996 in Atlanta USA, and last time I had the privilege of shaking his hand was in 1999 in Rio de Janeiro. Now I live in New York City and searching back people that really marked my life and I saw as a role model I find this memorial. Heartbreaking but at the same time makes us all realize the fact that those who humble themselves would be put up high. He was a tremendous leader, role model, father, man of God, and I have and Will Always have the Upmost respect for him. Enjoy God’s presence Moises….

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