Nina Kendrick

Eugenia Nina Corinna Rosamaria Virginae Paraskevopoulis Kendrick was born on August 20, 1945 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In June of 2008 Nina was diagnosed with stage four cancer. She battled for 19 months through prayer, diet, chemo, radiation and the unquenchable fighting spirit that she was known for. She entered the Presence of the Lord on January 29th, 2010 at her home in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Nina’s life was a grand adventure. Her journey began as an abandoned and orphaned young girl. Later, as a mother of four young children she headed to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 1975 where she found the Lord and began her 30 year journey with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Her passion ‘to know God and make Him known’ took her to five continents with King’s Kids, Impact World Tours and GX International – all aimed at releasing the next generation. She also participated in pioneering the YWAM Kona Base, women’s bible studies in the Kona community and the School of Performing Arts. Her missionary heart led her to share Jesus everywhere she went – on the street, in the grocery, at the beach and on the plane.

Her life was marked by a big faith simply expressed in her love for and obedience to God. She was generous, gracious, delicate, feminine, pure of heart – always believing the best. Nina was a ceaseless intercessor and those touched by her hospitality always felt welcomed, valued and blessed. Her friendship with God found expression in an encouraging and often prophetic voice that impacted the lives of countless people.

The love of her life was her family. She joins her son, Jesse, who preceded her to heaven on May 8, 1991 and leaves behind her husband, Kevin, and their 19 family members; their children, spouses and grandchildren.

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  1. Nina became one of my first friends when I joined YWAM in 1984 and remained a dear and precious friend. She was sweet, feminine, strong, unwavering, committed and discerning.

    Nina would come with a word of the Lord, so disquised in love and humility that it would take a person a while (sometimes a long while) to realize you had just been spoken too by the Lord through this little vessel! People never knew what happened until the revelation hit them of what she’d said.

    My life has been blessed and enriched though my friendship with her. Even in later years with long periods between contact, we could pick up where we left off as if we had been togehter an hour ago.

    Three of her lasting legacies in my life:
    1. She gave the name of the orphan ministry the Lord spoke into my life. . . it took me six months to realize that GOD was giving me the name of the minstry through my little orphaned friend standing right in front of my face! Nina sweetly never gave up even in my denseness! Thank you Nina for “Crown”; for 22 years and 100’s upon 100’s of orphaned children saved they are part of your legacy!
    2.”You were right and I was wrong!” Nina periodically would suddenly stop in the middle of anything, even backing out of the driveway and not move to remind me to say those words to her. Thank you Nina, we’ll soon have our 18 year wedding anniversary since marrying in the Kendrick home. How many years did you say it, that it went over my head, “who is he?” Hummmmm 7 years you say!
    3. Nina’s passion to invest in serving children to help them know God and make Him known lives on through my own children and grandchildren serving God.

    Nina and Kevin Kendrick showed the world their Godly character during the worst crisis anyone could endure. The accident that took Jesse’s life, Angel’s life and left three of your other children in the hospital with years of rehibilitation. In their own pain, Nina and Keven poured out compassion for the person’s responsible; as well as concern for all the grieving YWAM freinds. When a great crisis happened the pressure exposed a true woman and man of God.

    Nina is dearly missed here on earth! I’ll see you in glory my dear freind.

    Nancy Steinkamp

  2. I must have been the last to hear about Nina. She and Kevin welcomed me and my nephew, Greg Fromholz, into their home when we lived in Kailua-Kona, HI, and we loved their lively and creative family. Nina was especially kind and so full of grace. I will miss her again, although it has been decades since that time. Bless you Kendrick family. Stan Pettengill

  3. Nina has been gone from this earth for over 11 years now. But in a lot of ways she is still here. Many times I find myself thinking, what would Nina do, what would Nina think about that, what advice would she give me for this situation. I have a feeling I’m not the only one with these thoughts of her. She had a huge impact on people world wide. I know she is praising God and enjoying His presence. She has since welcomed in her daughter Michelle, must have been quite a reunion! Miss you so much Nina!

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