Pastor Ed R. Scratch

Pastor Ed R. Scratch

Went to be with Jesus on September 10, 1991

After 57 years of pastoral ministry with Enid his wife (now known as Mama Dar), ‘PS’ as he was affectionately known, first ministered in British Columbia, Canada where his only child Darlene (later Cunningham), was born. The family then moved on to several pastorates in California and Washington.

After retiring as Senior Pastor in his church, PS and Enid joined YWAM in 1978, attending the very first Crossroads DTS in Kona in 1978, continuing to serve for a number of years where he staffed DTSes and was much loved by all who served alongside him on the fledgling University of the Nations campus. Naturally, PS just kept on pastoring.

PS had his own unique brand of down-to-earth commonsense wisdom, which was clearly drawn from God’s Word, and honed during his more than half a century of ministry. Upon returning home to Seattle due to ill health, he simply couldn’t throw off the mantle, so until his dying day, he pastored people.

Loren Cunningham wrote these words about his father-in-law: “To thousands of people, the word ‘Pastor’ became like a first name for E. R. Scratch because that was what he was to them.

“As the Lord is our Shepherd, that we should not want, so Pastor Scratch lived to meet the needs of others through his calling and gifts. He led them to practical, but green pastures of spiritual food. He led them beside still, peaceful waters of refreshment in Christ’s presence and provision. He was there to comfort the bereaved, even in the valley of the shadow of death.

“Pastor Scratch would counsel, but never control; advise but never manipulate; leave the ninety and nine to help the one.

“Pastor Scratch IS a good shepherd, and is now WITH the Good Shepherd Who guided him home to receive a shepherd’s crown of glory.”

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  1. He was my Pastor as a young boy at, at the time, Redwood City Assembly of God Church in Redwood, CA. He was foundational regarding my faith and the faith of my family. He was a “Pastor” extraordinaire. What you wrote about his life was so true. After I meet Jesus in person in Glory he is one that I want to talk to and hug. And say thank you Pastor for being an excellent model of Jesus himself
    Pastor Dan Smith
    New Life Community Church, Fair Oaks, CA

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