Praise Judah Kalu

Praise Judah Uche Kalu was born on the 14th of March 1983 to the Family of Mr and Mrs Kalu. He is from Ebem Ohafia local government, Abia State. Praise started his formal education at the age of three years old. He attended LEA Primary School, Airport Abuja from 1986 – 1991 where he got his first school leaving certificate. He attended Government Secondary School Airport Abuja, from 1993 – 2001 where he got his senior school certificate. He studied Mass Communication from 2001 – 2003(Diploma course) from the University of Jos, where is got his Diploma in Mass Communication. Praise has another diploma in Computer engineering.
It was obvious throughout Praise formal education that he is a lover of music, drama, and any stage event.
Praise has been involved with Youth With A Mission for about twelve months. His passion for young people and raising a generation that will worship and praise God is obvious. His vision as he wrote in his last newsletter is to work with youth in tertiary institutions, using music as a tool, and also to mentor young talents into the entertainment industry. A talented worship leader, he caries his audience along to the presence of God. Funny young man, always cracking jokes, but loves God.
In his final news letter to his friends, supporters and family: It reads that my vision was sharpened to see the world out there , how tough, how harsh, how cruel, how wicked it can be and what we owe mankind is love and nothing more. It is this love that propels us to share what Christ did for us and for all mankind on the cross, and the passion to urge men to accept him as their Lord, and be saved.
He along side other YWAMers in the base just finished working on a musical CD for YWAM Nigeria and we are dedicating it to the memory of all those that died in the accident.

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