Rosalie Anne Pedder

Rosalie grew up in the south of New Zealand in a Catholic family. She had 13 years of convent schooling in an all-girls school. Later she attended the University of Otago (then Christchurch Teacher’s College) for secondary training and graduated with a Batchelor of Arts Degree.

For 10 years Rosalie taught in New Zealand public schools, with positions as teacher, Head of English Department, Dean of Girls, Supervisor of Year 1 and 2 secondary teachers in my school, and marker of School Certificate national examination in English. She became a Christian in 1972.

She won national recognition as a 2nd year teacher for her approach to teaching and spent the rest of the 10 years trying to explain why it worked. It worked because God was behind it.

M/V Anastasis (Youth With A Mission’s Mercy Ship) came to NZ when she was looking for the next step. She joined for 5 months – in 1983 and stayed 6 years! She then took a post as principal of ICS on board from 1984-1989. It was here that she learned to rethink her material and approach in more specifically Christian concepts.

She taught in the first Universtiy of the Nations (YWAM) School of Elementary Education and was invitied to join the College of Education staff. She was a model of a new way of teaching and did the following:

1. Training Consultant (University of the Nations)
2. Pioneer/Leader of Master’s Degree level Biblical Foundations of Education
3. Developer/Director of International Equivalency Institute (U of N)
4. Pioneer/Developer of Creative Integration Records for processing learning.
5. Director of Equivalency School for U of N.
6. Redesigned Equivalency School as Learning Restoration Course 1997 in NZ.

Rosalie died on 17 June 2004

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  1. Tribute to Rosalie

    – from Dr. Tom Bloomer

    The leaders of the University of the Nations join with the rest of
    YWAM in mourning the passing of Rosalie. Her sudden departure leaves a
    great gap in our ranks.

    Rosalie’s heart for the educationally wounded, and her commitment
    to help them come up to university levels in their learning skills through
    her Equivalency program, was an example for us all. Through her we
    realized that one of the Lord’s goals in raising up the University of the
    Nations was to create safe spaces for the educationally disadvantaged so
    that they can realize their full learning potential.

    But Rosalie was perhaps even more effective in teaching teachers
    how to teach. Because she well knew how counterproductive they were, she
    was exasperated with traditional teaching methods and continually
    challenged us to use our creativity in reaching out to people of different
    learning styles.

    When she challenged different groups of students to make their
    classroom a place for the glory of the Lord to dwell, she showed us a way
    of teaching and learning that was built around His presence. Because of
    her zeal for the Lord and her understanding of His heart for the
    educationally wounded, Rosalie ventured closer into the heart of Christian
    education than anyone else we know.

    Rosalie’s life was another example of “excellence crucified”, as
    she lay down the talents that could have brought her professional
    recognition and a very comfortable income; she chose instead to rescue
    those that the education systems of this world had rejected, to educate
    those who had been told that they were hopeless at learning, and to teach
    teachers that teaching can and should be fun.

    One of her disappointments in her ministry was not being able to
    multiply what she did. But recently she realized that much of her
    ministry revolved around her unique combination of giftings and

    However, we must take up the prophetic mantle that has fallen from
    her shoulders. As she has gone on into that Presence that she sought even
    in her classrooms, and is now free from all pain and tears, we who remain
    behind cannot leave her legacy just a memory. Please join with me in
    praying that the Lord will replace Rosalie with teams and even armies of
    teachers who will take her message of God’s love and creativity into the
    classrooms of the nations. Let us pray that the Lord of the Harvest will
    raise up the educational workers who can carry His vision of education to
    the ends of the earth.

    Today we pray the Lord’s blessing on all of Rosalie’s family,
    friends, and supporters, those who shared her with the rest of the world.
    May His comfort be with us all.

    In His service,

    Dr. Tom Bloomer and Cynthia Malmstadt Bloomer
    International Provost
    University of the Nations

  2. Rosalie Pedder was a woman of dignity & faith.

    We have known her for at least 15 years.

    She stood firm in her beliefs.
    She championed the cause of young people.
    She had a passion for education.
    She was convinced that everyone can learn, just not in the same way.
    She helped many find new ways to learn.

    She helped promote and release God’s special annointing and giftings in individuals.
    She cheered on many of our islanders to seek the highest.
    … to Go for it and achieve, with God.

    Rosalie, was a dear friend to my late wife Melinda.
    She was always there to cheer her up by her prescence and frequent visits.
    They were best of friends and always wanted to go on educational trips together.
    Now, they can go anywhere they want!

    Rosalie was one of my heroes.
    And I know she will always be there with all the other saints.
    To cheer me on to complete what God has started.
    Because He is a great finisher and the author of our faith.

    To families and friends, we lost a great friend.
    But she is with God and she is completely healed.
    And will be busier than ever, helping to plan the second comming
    [much laughter from the crowd]
    and educating all the disciples and the saints in what to do!!! [more laughter]

    So long and farewell to Rosalie our good and faithful friend.

    With much aloha from Hawaii,

    Nu’u & Annie La’apui

  3. The picture is with Michaela, Rosalie’s niece where Rosalie’s ashes were buried —Her favorite view….

  4. Hi Hilary,

    I had Rosalie as my English Teacher in Queenstown, I remember you coming and staying with her for a week. I was 13 to 14 years old. I would like to tell you how she has changed my life, it is incrediable. How I have become a Christan. I am serving at the Every Nation Church, Christchurch.




  5. Rosalie’s teaching has impacted the way I teach tremendously.
    * Using journals in our School of Early Childhood Education, was such a unique way to process the live/ learn approach at U of N.
    * bringing healing of educational wounding thru understanding and Holy Spirit lead ministry times – set many people free, indeed!
    * Equivalency training – gave hope and freedom

    …..and more!

  6. Rosalie Pedder is continuing to impact schools and nations today. In 2015, a group of YWAM educators who knew Rosalie and who had been impacted by her returned to New Zealand to “re-dig” the wells of the legacy of Rosalie’s impact. Though I had not met Rosalie, I was honored to join in that historic trip. Wherever I have brought the Foundations in Education school, we have incorporated teaching on Healing of Educational Wounds and Keeping the Glory of God in the Classroom from her Learning Well series.

    Just today for a family counseling school (RRS) in Penang, Malaysia I finished the course by presenting a power point on the transformative impact of Rosalie Pedder’s model + Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (replacing lies with the truth in our thinking) + the research of Dr. Caroline Leaf. Fellow students from several nations were inspired to hear of Rosalie’s legacy. As the Holy Spirit leads, we will continue to champion those who learn differently, and to unlock new learning and capacity.

    Kris Richards

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