Sudhakar Simeon

SUDHAKAR SIMEON, the Chief Functionary of YWAM India Trust and YWAM Chennai City Coordinator died the morning of January 9th, 2006 when his bike was hit by a truck on the National Highway. He was on his way back from a meeting in Hyderabad when the accident took place in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, about 4 hours from Chennai.

Sudhakar was one of the top Indian leaders in YWAM. A lawyer by profession, he was the chairperson of the YWAM India National Legal Forum, a fun-loving guy and a true friend. Sudhakar is survived by his wife Julie and his 10-years old daughter Celeste, his mother and his two sisters. Sudhakar was from Tamil Nadu and Julie is from Canada.

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  1. Sudhakar was one of these skilled YWAMers who could handle a dozen jobs at the same time without dropping the ball. Though most of the time immersed in administrative tasks, handling the legal and financial matters of YWAM India Trust, making sure everything was in order according to the auditor’s requirements, or leading the Chennai base, he always had time for people and truly enjoyed chatting with people and making fun. He would often go out of his way to make sure the needs of different bases would be met. He always valued people and did his work with joy and with a serving heart. Above all things, Sudhakar was a true friend… and I miss him…

  2. After two years of Sudhakar’s death I still miss him so much. What a wonderful person he was. I have so many memories of laughter and just good fun with him while we cracked our heads on projects, people problems and ministry endeavors. It was a always a joy to pick up the phone or to meet Sudhakar for business because he made work so much fun.
    In my opinion Sudhakar was one of the finest city leaders Youth With A Mission has ever had. I was confident that he was on the way to becoming one of India’s outstanding Urban leaders. He understood the city and had a sincere passion for the people we were trying to reach out to. There were times even when he was busy that he would stop his motorbike on the road and help a destitute person. His ability to work with the police and politicians of the city and get things done was known to so many of us. We miss our dear brother and look forward to seeing him when we are called home.

    Tim and Karol Svoboda

  3. Sudhakar is one of the best men I met in the 26 years I’ve been in India. The day he died stands out as the worst day of those entire 26 years. He was a life giver. You can’t characterize him in any other way. All who knew him were accepted, affirmed, and urged forward to complete God’s calling. It’s been more than two years, but I still miss him too. I’m glad to have been his friend.

    Mike Bordon

  4. I have known Sudhakar Anna for few years.He was so simple and very encouraging.He had always postive attitude.Full of energy and heart for God and His work.What a loss for me and my friends.He was truly a man of God.Miss him.Oneday I will see him face to face with Jesus!

  5. Sudhakar….we are sitting at the GLT meetings in Switzerland (September 2009) and remembering all those that have died in the service of YWAM. I still miss you dear brother. Tears continue to come to my eyes when I think of you and the many rich times we had together. My brother….you were a wonderful brother….thanks for the way you influenced my life. Tim Svoboda

  6. I had moved to India less than 2 weeks prior, and was relatively new to YWAM, at a Leader’s Retreat in Siliguri when I heard the news.

    I never met Sudhakar, but his legacy was immediately felt and honored in our gathering. The respect those in leadership paid to him left me with a deepened respect for the work and sacrifice of those in YWAM. Something I continue to desire to emulate.

    Thank you, Sudhakar, for leaving a legacy.

  7. sudhakar had left this world did anyone of the YWAM people think of his old mother and his sister. Did anyone of the YWAM people gone and visted them once in a while. This shows how YWAM people live.

  8. Sudhakar worked hard for YWAM.Now he is no more have you ever thinked of his old mother and his sisters.Do anyone of your YWAM members went and meet them(no)no one of your YWAM members had gone and them. This shows how YWAM people live in this world.

  9. Nobody in YWAM cannot work hard like Sudhakar.Now he is no more.Do any one of your YWAM people had gone and visited his old mother and his sister once in their life time. Tell me ?.Do any of your YWAM people had taught of that shame.

  10. Years back at Anna Nagar Methodist Church, when we wanted to focus on Neighborhood Evangelism , Joel and Carol gave an input on how Sudhakar used to have a regular Prayer Station at Kathipara Junction, Guindy and pray for many passerby in need of prayers and how folks on the verge of suicide had a renewed life thanks to his prayers. So that was the input which I took to the Pastorate Committee chaired by Rev Paulraj. And the Committee approved and the Prayer Station was born and has touched many a lives.

    Sudhakar had indeed impacted lives for Christ

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