Theresa (Ruby) Henkel

Theresa (Ruby) Henkel was called home to be with the Lord June 14th, 2009 at about 2:40 am. Her 2-½ year old fight with breast cancer is over. At the time of her departure from this planet Theresa was on staff with YWAM Orlando, Florida (USA).

Theresa’s involvement with YWAM dates back to the early 1980’s when after serving many years with Daystar Ministries, God put Mexico deep in her heart during a short-term outreach with Bibles For Mexico. During the next 14 years she was involved participating or leading many short-term outreaches to Monterrey, Mexico from the YWAM Northwoods base.

In 1995, Jeff & Theresa were part of the pioneering team with Roger and Debbi Audorff that placed a permanent YWAM base in Monterrey. After attending a School of Frontier Missions in 2002 she was also instrumental in establishing the resource office, Frontier Mission Mexico, with a focus on influencing YWAM Mexico and the Mexican church to reach out to unreached people groups around the globe.

It was in 2006 that Jeff and Theresa joined the YWAM family in Orlando. Theresa quickly became a friend to literally everyone and she soon took on the often unwanted position as Kitchen Coordinator. The kitchen is one place where she shined as it was not a job, to her it was her ministry. It was the arena God gave her to mold, shape and influence like Christ through her skills as a cook and discipler. She never stopped serving like Christ, not in her pain or her suffering. Her words of wisdom and her Christ-life example will continue long after her passing. Although we miss her dearly we know she is now waiting for us with the Father.

Theresa is survived by her husband, Jeff Henkel (YWAM Orlando), and children: Heather, Adam & Tiffany (grandson Taven), and Brianna & Andrew Schleiger (YWAM Mazatlan).

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  1. I’ve known Theresa since 1978… sang in her wedding, was Auntie Lindy to her kids, went to the same church, got into missions at the same time, and didn’t see enough of her the past few years because we served the Lord on different continents.
    She made a positive impact on her family, friends and anyone she met. A true worshipper who couldn’t sing but expressed her love for God with every fiber of her being.
    I loved her, still do.
    Can’t wait to dance with her in heaven.
    Belinda van de Loo
    YWAM Heidebeek
    Worship Ministry/Call2Worship

  2. The influence Ruby had on my life in the few years we had in Orlando together still impacts me today. I remember the first day I met her and Jeff and knew that she would be a dear friend and mentor to me, and she was.
    Not only did she play take one like a boss, she could cook like no one else and had the heart and ear of Jesus. When she came to you with words from the Lord you knew it came from deep friendship.
    Still love and miss you so much Ruby. I am grateful for the way you helped point me in the ways I should go 🤍

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