Thom Michael Petty

Thom Michael Petty died of cancer in Chennai India on December 12, 2011. He was 50 years old. Thom came to Chennai in 1996 to start the ministry of Sparky’s American Restaurant which was a ministry under YWAM Chennai. Thom was a master Italian chef who previously owned several restaurants and cruise ships and gave his life to world missions. His gift of hospitality and food brought thousands of people into his restaurant in Chennai where he entertained people with food, laughter, friendship and pointed many towards the Kingdom of God. He is greatly missed.

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  1. Thom was one of the most unique people we had in YWAM India. He was incredibly gifted in the restaurant industry and was a gentle and kind hearted person. Thom loved people in his own unique way. He developed relationships amongst people that many of us never could through his expertise in the food industry. We miss you Thom and so thankful we could be your friend and co-worker for the years we had together.

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