Tony Lima

Tony Lima, que murió de un ataque al corazón a la edad de 38 años, era el director sudamericano de Misiones Fronterizas, un líder clave en Brasil y que mobilizaba con gran eficacia a la gente para las misiones.

Tony Lima, a precious brother in the Lord, husband, and father of three died suddenly of a heart attack on January 3rd, at the age of 38. Tony served as Frontier Missions Director for South America where he lived in Belo Horizonte, with his wife Christine and their three children.

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  1. Tony was one of our bright lights here in Brazil. He has recently been in the happiest and most fruitful part of his life and ministry, giving himself to the recruiting of workers for the unreached.

  2. Tony was greatly loved in his native Brazil, and the global community will certainly miss our friend and co-worker. He was a passionate and popular international speaker. He was an anointed and gifted leader. Tony’s charisma filled the rooms he entered. His laughter filled our hearts and endeared us to him – making it only more painful to say good-bye.

  3. We started in Ceará in 1994. The Base was founded by Tony & Christina Lima. Pastor Tony Lima joined YWAM in Recife in 1987 and served for two years on the MV Anastasis where he met his wife. After this he returned to Brazil and was supported by three more missionary couples (Nei and Claudia Roriz, Cézar and Isabel Carvalho and Robson and Valéria Scofield) to start the work in the city of Fortaleza.

    In 1998 we wanted to motivate the Church in its responsibility to proclaim the Gospel. Therefore we organised Operation Window Fortaleza, an evangelistic project that involved more 300 local evangelical Churches, and resulted in more than 44,000 conversions. We also worked to have a true christian influence in our society by involving people in missions using their own profession in projects such as Mercy Days.

  4. From the time we met in Forteleza at an event that Tony was the life and breathe behind – with the Spirit breathing it all through my brother – Tony was always brimming with kindness, friendship, energy, ideas, and smiles. I treasure hanging out at the IFMLT gathering in Egypt, but all too short. When I heard the news, I wept. We are the losers, Tony has triumphed.
    Love to Christine.

    Brian Hogan

    YWAM Church Planting Coaches, Arcata, CA

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