Wally Wenge

February 2, 1973 Wally, Norma and family boarded a flight to Lausanne, Switzerland and began their many faithful years of YWAM service. Wally was an extraordinary man, walking away from the pinnacle of his career to join YWAM. God was indeed number one in his life. He opened his heart and home to orphans and continued to be an advocate for the widow and orphans. He lovingly cared for his wife and modeled faithful love to all who knew him. With strong conviction he persevered through the difficult and stretching early days establishing Gleanings for the Hungry. He was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis which was incurable and fast growing. On 22 January 1999, just three short months after he revealed his condition, Wally passed away and walked lovingly into the Savior’s embrace leaving his wife, Norma, and 4 children, Coleen, Steve, Luanne & Dwight. (Facts taken from “The Best Kept Secret in YWAM – The Gleanings Miracle” by Steve Witmer.

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  1. I worked under Wally’s and Jim Dawson’s leadership in the International Office of YWAM when it was in Tujunga, California, not far from the Sunland compound, as the printer. That was before there was the Lake View Terrace property, and before headquarters moved to Texas.
    He was a wonderful man! Very kind and loving in every situation. Jim Dawson was the same way! Wally wrote my letter of recommendation when I applied to work with YWAM’s Truth Press International in Hurlach, Germany (West Germany at the time). I had not seen him or heard anything about him since 1976, when I went to Germany, so this is a real update for me. For me, working with Wally and Jim were the good-old-days.

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