April 2015: Reality? , , , Shows?

April 2015

Reality? . . . Shows?

TV and various other digitalizers (that’s my word for all the newfangled devices we can’t possibly live without), among other things, feed us a steady and unrelenting diet of so-called Reality Shows. First came Survivor (I confess to watching just the very first episode).

This was followed by a whole array of cooking shows which of course—if you ate all they showed—would lead to stuff like The Big Loser.

(I should mention here that I may receive a little flack from some members of my family. Perhaps I’m just out of step with the rest of the world. But, onward and upward. I confess however, that I may occasionally be seen watching football or hockey or some other sport. For the most part, things happen in real time, with no editing.)

Even worse than those ‘un-reality’ shows, is the violence, immorality and cursing that we absorb from what seems like most programs on TV.

After you read this, you may think I’ve lost it, gone maudlin, or bonkers and I’m just living in the past; that I’m no longer in the present reality, but that I believe things should just be as they were a few decades ago. OK, what brought this little buzz on?

Just before this past Christmas, Donna and I sat down and watched an old movie on TV. Now I should warn you that when you find out what the film was, you will hear a howling noise from our four kids, who though they live in nations far apart from each other, you will clearly hear their caterwauling and raucous laughter, no matter where you are. But first a little background . . .

Back in the day when our family was part of the pioneering of YWAM’s Kona campus, every Saturday was Movie Night, an event for all ages. Being missionaries, we obviously had to have certain standards upheld in the choice of the films we watched. A team was formed to select something appropriate each week, but over time, standards slipped a bit – and then a bit more – and things started becoming a little tense.

It got so bad that the selection team was basically hounded to the point where there was really only one suitable movie we could watch. Safely, that is. Every single Saturday night (or so it seemed).

By now I hope you’re wondering what the movie was. By the time they stopped showing this old classic, our kids not only knew every song, every scene and every character, they were sick and very tired of it.

Did you guess what it was?  The Sound Of Music.

So here we are just a few short weeks ago—Donna and I—literally singing and weeping our way through this old favorite, loving it and wishing that the world today might be something like the somewhat-true story of the Von Trapp Family. Ahhh you’re thinking, you’re just getting old and nostalgic. Can’t deny that.

Sure, the movie’s backdrop (besides the beautiful Austrian scenery), was of countrymen divided over the imminent anchluss (Nazi takeover), of their nation; There was a wealthy and austere retired Austrian sea captain (who actually wasn’t austere in real life), there were blown-up and eventually broken-up love stories . . . and many other inaccuracies. Since when did movies depict things the way they actually happened?

My point is this: when we clicked the TV off and went happily to bed, we were left with a sense of joy, of deep happiness, the fulfillment of an evening well-spent.

Movies can be wonderful, but I get so much violence and the ugly side of life by just watching the daily news, that I really don’t need to feed on gory details—I have enough trouble concentrating my thoughts positively, as Paul encourages us:

“I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse.” [Phil 4:8]

And then in the words of Donna, “Does Jesus want to sit beside you and watch TV, or go to a movie with you that has all that ugly stuff in it?”

Would you rather ‘lay me down to sleep’ with the sounds and memories of gunfire and anger and cursing ringing in your ears . . . or go to bed with visions of snow-capped mountains, edelweiss you can almost smell, as you hum that captivating melody? Happy endings breed happy tendings.

Corny, maybe? My age starting to show?

Yet people keep telling me, “Violence, murder, immorality . . . that’s just reality; it’s part of life.” No! These things for followers of Jesus, are horribly unreal. [Read Galatians 5:19-21. Then read verses 22-23 to find real reality.]

Have a fruit of the Spirit day (and night!),



P.S. And try to watch those Von Trapps again!

Your attitude towards God’s word, is your attitude to God himself.  Derek Prince

Humility . . . the grace that unlocks the door to deep and real relationship—with God and man.

Do you know this man? He just graduated. See . . . and Finally below.

On “Got Wisdom”, from March eTouch . . . is there a lesson here?

I wrote to the first two very quick responders to last month’s eTouch, “How come you wrote back the very day you received it?” Both are blind and both are missionaries.

Their answers: “Interesting . . . I guess it says that the blind are the first to see the message clearly.”


“Maybe, the sighted have eyes to see and read a million things and too much to respond to with the overwhelming details around them! haha!”

Did you see the movie Unbroken—or read the book by Laura Hillenbrand? Here’s the rest of the story, which includes Louis Zamperini’s dramatic salvation at the first Billy Graham crusade in Los Angeles.

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West Coast Tour

This is a Grand Banks motor vessel, the m/v EL ENCUENTRO, and she will be visiting ports on the West Coast of Canada and the US, starting April 30th. Meet the crew of this newest member of the YWAM Ships fleet. For locations and other details, go to:
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Here are the first few ports of call:
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Donna’s Corner

What was the Joy that was Set Before Jesus?

Dear Family,

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” [Hebrews 12:2]

As we began the recent Easter week, about 25 women here in Medicine Hat, Alberta, met together to worship and to rest in God’s presence. I brought this painting by Alexis (Wilson) Russell and we meditated and asked Jesus, “What was the joy set before you?”

For The Joy Set Before Him – Alexis Wilson Russell

Amazing revelation followed. Here are some of the insights the women received:

*He was doing His Father’s will
*He was making a way for us to have relationship with the Father as His sons and daughters
*He defeated the enemy
*He was being a model for us

On Good Friday probably 90% of the churches in Medicine Hat met together, laying down our denominations and just worshipped God. There’s unity at the foot of the cross, and God has given us promises for this city. Where there’s unity in the church, there is authority in the community.

Then on Saturday evening, I went to a church and watched a play about the Father’s Heart, written by my friend Debbie Stodolka. It was completely focused on God the Father who sent His Son here to earth, showing what He, The Father experienced, as He watched His Son from the time He was a baby, the miracles He did, and finally His death and resurrection.

We were shown the angels, who so wanted to rescue Jesus; but the Father said they couldn’t, but that Jesus would come back. He was telling the angels to wait and watch. Then when Jesus was resurrected and returned to the Father, running into His arms, the angels got so excited! And Jesus is now sitting at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us.

But for the joy set before you, will you be willing to die so He may live through you? Then when you go home to Him, you can run into His arms and He’ll say, “Well done my good and faithful son or daughter.” [Mt 25:21] What amazing hope we have as members of God’s family—those who do the Father’s will.

Easter has been very meaningful to me this year and I believe to many of you, as I’ve been reading facebook. HE IS ALIVE!

And because He lives we can face tomorrow. Take one day at a time and live each one of them for Him . . .  

. . . for the joy set before you.

Love and Blessings,


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and Finally . . .       

Much-loved Doug Feaver Goes Home

Dr Douglas Feaver passed peacefully into the presence of his Lord on April 6, 2015, at the age of 93, with Margaret his loving wife for 65 years at his side. After he retired from Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1984 (having served 28 years as Professor of Classics), Doug started a new career with a Crossroads DTS in Kona, Hawaii, following which he founded the College of Humanities & International Studies for University of the Nations.

Click here for a tribute to Doug Feaver.

Doug & Margaret

Till next time,


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