Loren & Darlene Cunningham, Founders of Youth With A Mission:

You who have served in YWAM are part of a huge multitude – perhaps three or four million strong – that is spread around this globe of ours. Think of this great throng as seeds, scattered and sown into the whole world, scattered and sown into all the different arenas of society . . . education, the home, the arts, the media, business & government, science & technology and the church.

“So, wherever God has planted you, bloom in that garden, be a sweet fragrance right where you are. We are so thankful for relationship with you – and remember, you are still part of our family, part of our tribe.

“Thank you for your service to YWAM – whether it was for a few weeks, or for many years. Your ministry with us has helped us to move along in the purposes that God has laid out for us – to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

John Dawson, President of YWAM International:

YWAM Associates International could be described as the largest ministry emanating from YWAM. People tend to focus on ministries like Marine Reach, Mission Adventures and Kings Kids because of their high profile. However, a few years ago, we estimated that there are millions of people have participated in our training schools and outreaches. That’s you. That’s YWAM Associates International.

“Over the past few years, God has given us understanding about the seven arenas of society. Nations are discipled through these spheres of society.

“When you stepped out of YWAM’s full-time structure, God was placing you in one of those arenas as a nation-discipler. Go for it!