Children, Can You Hear Me?

Do Your Children Hear God?

Of Course They Do!


God loves children. He reveals himself freely to kids, speaking to them as a best friend.

This book will encourage the childlike faith that opens the hearts of children to hear God’s voice and see his face–even the child in you!

* This hardcover children’s book comes with 23 full-color, glossy illustrations by Ken Save.
* It includes a chapter on Listening Prayer with your Children.
* Each picture shows children meeting and talking with Jesus in a variety of life-settings.
* Every page acts as a stand-alone listening exercise for children, prompting interactive prayer.
* Each illustration begs the question: “Where is Jesus in this picture? What is He doing?”
* Children, Can You Hear Me? trains kids to practice God’s presence in their lives.
* Imagine raising an entire generation that hears God’s voice every day!

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