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Pray for YWAM’s Broader Family

The Invitation, August 10, 2023

Most of those who have had any involvement with YWAM will have heard the saying, “Once a YWAMer, always a YWAMer.” There are an estimated three to four million individuals who have had some involvement with YWAM. They form part of YWAM’s broader family now. But leaving a YWAM training program or a YWAM staff position can involve a difficult transition. It can be hard for the person to find Christian community. It can take time to find clarity about God’s calling. Please take a moment right now to pray for YWAM’s broader family and join us on our prayer day for The Invitation on the 10th of August.

Topic suggested by a participant in The Invitation’s survey. Written by Donna Jordan in Canada. Photo from a gathering of YWAM alumni in France.

  1. Pray for increased connection. Pray that all those currently within YWAM would strengthen and encourage those who have been involved with YWAM. YWAM Associates International ( has been doing this for 35 years, but this month we want to pray that God would guide all YWAM ministries to care for the individuals who leave their ministry location no matter how little or long they have served there.
  2. Pray for the influence of YWAM alumni. Many are serving in one or more spheres of society (family, religion, education, economics, media, celebration or government). Some are praying to find their place. Pray for the transformation that this broader YWAM family is bringing for God’s kingdom.
  3. Pray for increased networking among those in the spheres of society. Pray for more connection opportunities, for them to be able to encourage one another and share how they’re taking God’s kingdom into their spheres.
  4. Pray for reconciliation. The fact is that with so many people involved with YWAM, there will naturally be the need for reconciliation in some situations. Where this is the case, please pray that this will take place as we humble ourselves as a YWAM family.
  5. Pray for the environment that those leaving YWAM are going back to. Pray that each person will be involved in a loving Christian community in the place God has called them, and to live the values they learned in YWAM.

Take Action

  • If you know people who have been involved with YWAM, consider if God is leading you to reach out to one or more of them, to strengthen and encourage them.
  • Perhaps this month’s prayer topic has stirred up some past connections that you may want to make right. If you individually or as a YWAM ministry want to reach out and re-connect or offer apologies to certain people the Lord might be highlighting, now is a great time to do that.
  • A good tool to help people with the transition from a mission-field setting is Peter Jordan’s book, Re-Entry (

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Camp Burtigny Switzerland 20th – 25th August 2023

Click here to book your place!

We’re delighted that camps returns to Switzerland in 2023 following a few years’ gap. YWAM Burtigny will host us from Sunday evening, 20th August until Friday afternoon, 25th.

Around thirty minutes from Geneva, Burtigny is a tranquil, picturesque village situated in the foothills of the Jura mountains with lovely walking trails and beautiful views as far as the eye can see.

We’ll start each day with worship and teaching from Stefaan Hugo who is no stranger to camping, having previously spoken at our camps in Ireland, Norway, France, Sweden and Romania. Passionate about the Holy Spirit, he will help us go deeper in our knowledge and experience of his work in our lives.

Afternoons will be free for you to explore the region. You could hike the local trails, read a book, sit by nearby Lake Geneva or visit one of the many historic towns and villages close by. Lausanne is around forty-five minutes away.

During the evenings we’ll run an informal programme. The camp will be bilingual in English and French and is open to adults (16+) only.

The price of 250 Swiss Francs includes three meals a day and lodging. You can book here. Payment of a 50 Franc deposit will secure your place and the balance of 200 Francs is to be paid closer to the start of the camp.

Places are limited so we recommend booking yours soon! We look forward to welcoming you back to an camp in French-speaking Switzerland!

Introducing Stefaan, our speaker:

Stefaan Hugo grew up as a Missionary Kid in Swaziland. He did a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics at Potch University, graduating in 1988. He subsequently completed his teacher’s diploma at the University of Pretoria in 1990 after which he studied theology, before joining YWAM.

Stefaan helped to pioneer YWAM ministries in Madagascar and many countries in Africa. He also helped to oversee the regional office, of YWAM in Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. There are forty YWAM bases in this region with over seven hundred staff.

At present, he and his wife Trudie reside in Amsterdam with YWAM, where their passion is to see revivals in all European countries. They love to give spiritual eldership (coaching/mentoring) to churches, youth groups, and Christian organisations.

Stefaan has seen miracles, healings as well as strong moves of the Holy Spirit as he teaches/travels/ministers in over a hundred nations on every continent. He loves to teach people about the Holy Spirit, his motto being Naturally Supernatural.