February 2011 Surpise Reprise

(Pozdravi)or Tung, Serbian and Albanian greetings . . . both being languages of Kosova, the three-year old country which is one of the six nations carved out of the old Yugoslavia.

In this month’s  loveletter, Mark Herringshaw, who we introduced last month, is our guest columnist. After 25 years of pastoral ministry, Mark and his wife Jill have re-entered YWAM to become the Coordinators for YWAM Associates North America. They have a passion to see “latent radicals” find their destinies.

[Question from Ed: Mark, are ‘latent’ radicals like ‘free’ radicals that don’t realize they’re free? Thought I’d ask!]

Surprise Reprise  (Back To the Future?)

It’s Never too Late for Your Vision

We’ll call them Marjorie and Carl; they have been pregnant for years . . . pregnant with a vision. You may recognize this couple as a reflection of your story, or ours.

In 1972 Marjorie and Carl heard a lecture addressing racism in South Africa. Marjorie, an African-American, and Carl, a blue-eyed blond responded, and moved to Cape Town to help pioneer integration among Christians. Progress moved slowly, yet the couple loved living on the edge of God-driven transformation.

In 1975 tragedy intervened. Marjorie’s father died, and they returned home to aid her mother. Their one-year furlough stretched into two. Visas, college debt, and two children turned two years into ten. Slowly, Africa became a memory. They intended to return, but each year that grew less probable.

1991-1994 were bittersweet years. Apartheid ended and Mandela was elected. Carl and Marjorie were overjoyed for Africa, but heartsick for themselves. A new South Africa was emerging without them. Time passed.

“What happened?” they wondered. “Can a vision given by God evaporate?”

Coming of Age
YWAM alumni are often latent radicals. We relied on God’s voice, and God spoke with specifics about our intended future. “Build orphanages,” He said; “Write books, plant churches, teach truth, and launch businesses!” God impregnated us with a calling, and then . . .

Then, the years passed . . . “Is it too late?” we ask.

“Never,” booms an ancient voice. “God remembers! Persevere. When opportunity appears, step up and fight!”  The voice is Caleb’s. Caleb models courage for us who are teetering visionaries. His stories live in Joshua 14:6-15, 15:13-19, 63, and Numbers 14:24. Caleb was 80+ when Joshua led Israel into Canaan. For 40 years he’d nurtured one single vision: a home in Hebron!

Caleb and Joshua had been among 12 spies sent to explore Canaan. They returned confident that God would bring victory. But the other 10 spies overruled them. Israel retreated to the desert for 40 years. God compensated Caleb with his Hebron promise. 40 years can be hard on vision. Friends died and his body aged. Still, Caleb clutched God’s promise. After crossing the Jordan and helping others secure their inheritance, Caleb approached Joshua. “I’ve been faithful,” he said, “Give me my mountain!”

Age and time meant nothing to Caleb, patron saint of aging visionaries. When opportunity came, he stood ready to step up and fight for what was his. That’s just what he did.

Surprise Reprise
Last year Carl and Marjorie’s pastor handed them a grant application, funding two years in South Africa modeling racial unity. Apartheid is gone, yet racism remains. They prayed, sought counsel and listened to God. Confident, yet a bit afraid, they applied, and were accepted.

They’re living the time of their lives! Beyond “official” work, they’ve joined a prayer movement. And their inter-racial marriage has opened doors unimaginable 40 years ago. Planted half a lifetime before, their ministry is now bearing fruit!

Are you carrying an unfulfilled dream? Take heart! At God’s moment of opportunity step in, step up, ask, and fight!

If you’re a “slumbering revolutionary” Mark & Jill would love to hear your story. Email Mark at mherringshaw@gmail.com

A good story shortens the road. African proverb

God wants to offend the mind to expose the heart

He acts on behalf of those who wait for him

God is more interested in fulfilling his will than we are to finding it

You need to love the unchangeable things about yourself. Bill Gothard

We should have an expectation that God will speak to us when we read his Word

Your ministry for tomorrow started yesterday

. . . is open

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Donna’s Corner

  A Youth-Quake

We are witnessing what some journalists have called a “youth-quake” in the Middle East. It is a freedom movement that is engineered by young Arabs who are no longer willing to wait for political freedom. This movement is violent in many ways, with the shedding of innocent blood, along with destruction and fear. Young adults no longer want to be ground down under dictatorship.

I’ve just been teaching in Los Angeles at a church discipleship training school. And I’ve been meeting youth in unexpected places, young people who are networking for the Kingdom of God. They are building a strong net for the harvest that is coming. They no longer want to be under religious dictatorship or ‘big names.’

Instead, they want to walk with mothers and fathers who will provide a safe place for them to become the men and women, the sons and daughters that God has called them to be, where they can be under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and led by the Holy Spirit. They want to see His Kingdom come.

Thousands upon thousands of youth are rising up, who have hearts after God. They will take the Kingdom of God to every nation, bringing hope and God’s love. The Kingdom of God is righteousness, joy and peace. Our King, who is the King of Kings, speaks the truth in love. The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but the power of His love. The greatest need in the Arab nations is the revelation of the love of God. The Kingdom is within each one of us who has Jesus as King.

That this Godly army will take the good news of the Kingdom to those who only know violence as a means of obtaining freedom?

The Kingdoms are going to clash and we are on the winning side. We as members of God’s army are to have a victorious mindset.

I am so encouraged as to what God is going to do.

A few days ago I was in a hotel lobby and a young Messianic Jew asked me, “Are you a Christian?” He had heard me talking to a Korean pastor. He knew many of my ‘young’ acquaintances and was so positive as to what God is doing. I said, “I’ve read prophecies that there’s going to be an earthquake in L.A.” He replied, “Not an earthquake! A revival quake!” YES!

I can see it coming . . . A wave of young revivalists, going to the nations as ambassadors for our King. All Nations – All Generations, each knowing their place; and it’s because they’ve been listening to the King we love, and walking in obedience, out of love for Him.

Remember to keep praying, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, Father.

“Hallowed be Your name!”

Love & Blessings,


Renewal Camps & Gatherings 

April 21-24: (Easter Weekend) Australia, Tahlee, near Newcastle NSW. Refresh is a Renewal Camp with several speakers including Peter Jordan & Mark Herringshaw, with small groups, lots of free time and good food. For more information click here for the YWAM Newcastle website. You can also download the Refresh brochure: Refresh 2011 brochure.pdf

July 25-30: Norway (Skjærgårdsheimen) near Kristiansand with speaker’s name in next month’s
Contact: Lidvard Andreassen – lidvard@online.no

July 27-Aug 3: Germany Hainichen (Saxony) Watch for the next  for speaker’s name.
Contact: markus.egli@ywam.de

Aug 7-13: France (Le Gault la Forêt) Champagne region, near Paris, with Daniel Schaerer – “Our Destiny in God”??

Aug 18-21: Switzerland (Burtigny) near Geneva, with Eliane Lack

For more info: www.ywamassociates.eu

And Finally . . .

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