July 2011: Foxhole Buddies

“Cka po bë?” is how you say , “What’s up?”  in Kosova (at three years old on Feb 17, one of the world’s newest nations).  

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               Foxhole Buddies

100 years ago, they had a war, and they called it The Great War, aka “The War to End All Wars.” After a while it became known as World War 1 because Number Two arrived 20 years later. Needless to say, wars did not end; they just got bigger.

In The Great War (what’s so great about war?), soldiers slogged around in the mud of Europe and the sand of countries nearby, with the horror and misery of death all around them. They cowered in foxholes, laying down their lives thinking there would never be war again.

Foxes live in ‘dens,’ elaborate protective holes scooped out of the ground. ‘Foxholes’ are simple defensive trenches dug out of the dirt, designed to shield one or more soldiers from enemy fire. Fear and courage live in foxholes and when two or more men hunkered down in such close quarters, desperately praying that the shells and bullets whizzing by just above their heads would miss them, they became foxhole buddies, usually for life.

It has been said that there are no atheists in foxholes.

Most of us have had foxhole buddies in life, those who have gone together through stressful times and been bonded very closely to others. I immediately think of my air force pilot training days, when the ‘sword’ of failure and the shame of not being good enough, hung constantly and ominously over my head and the heads of my mates. We went through many months of exams and tests, on the ground and in the air, of being screamed at by instructors who held us in low regard while holding us to very high standards. To finally graduate was huge. After much pain and stress, those of us who survived, were able to display our hard-earned wings on our chests.

We had overcome, endured the hardships and a special bond had been formed between us. To this day, I am still in email contact fairly regularly with those guys, most of who went on to be airline captains (my desire too . . . but that’s another story).

Earlier this year Donna and I co-led a five-month Discipleship Training School comprised of almost 100 staff, students and children. After three months of lectures, we were poised for our outreach field trip to a very large nation in Asia. Preparations had been meticulously made, and we eagerly awaited a package of 73 passports that required visas.

A DTS is not exactly a war, but there is a vigorous enemy that will always resist activity in the Kingdom of God. We were about to go active, and we got attacked.

With visas approved, the passports were duly placed in the hands of a courier and were on their way back to us. As we tracked their progress, it soon became evident that there was a problem: they had gone missing, lost, or even worse, stolen. Immediately we moved into the agony and just plain hours and hours of reporting them lost to the FBI, the police and to each of the 12 nation’s authorities; and then to start the painstaking job of applying for new passports.

Do you think we experienced stress, worry and even fear—fear that our identities might be stolen? Sure we did. Were some of us discouraged and was there any pointing of fingers? Some. But the vast majority pitched in and got stuck into the hard work of turning this whole disaster around. Intercession for our targeted nation and the local community outreaches that were hastily organized moved into high gear as we waited for the masses of paperwork and other inconveniences to run their course.

Finally, after three-plus weeks of delay, most were able to continue on and complete the field trip originally planned. The bonding glue held right through the outreach. Foxhole buddies hung together. What a test of flexibility, perseverance and just plain sweat.

Now after two months, the glue still sticks. Through our Facebook group, it is obvious that the foxhole experience, though totally disrupting, cemented friendships; out of what could have been a disaster, we have discovered a deeper and more lasting love for our classmates; we freely share prayer needs, new direction, triumphs and tragedies. It’s as though we don’t want to let go of each other.

The foxhole buddies have become bosom buddies, many I would guess, for life.

Here’s a recent post from one of the ‘buddies’: “Seeking Him: It’s not a means to an end – It is the means. It is the end.

Till next time,


                  Economics 101

[If you are tempted to think the following is political incorrectness, read 2 Thess 3:6-12; Prov 16:26; and remember, work preceded sin, Gen 2&3.]

1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!

5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not need to work because the other half will take care of them;
and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work, because somebody else is going to get what they work for; that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

        Inbox Bursting . . . Even Hitler in the News!


*ANNOUNCEMENT: Fewer Credits Required for UofN Degrees. There has been an important change in Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees. Details here

For years, a desire in our heart has been to network former YWAMers with each other, out in the various spheres of society; not only for relationship’s sake, but even for things like job placement. Mark Lee served many years in YWAM, and is one of our Board members; he heads up a company that would love to employ former YWAMers . . .

Big Fresh Media (BigFresh.com) located in Bellingham, Washington, is fusing business & ministry and design & technology to serve organizations with solutions that make a difference. We have the following job opportunities:

  • Web Developer with a high level of experience in .NET, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, and AJAX
  • IT professional with experience managing technical support services in Windows-based environments for small businesses

Send your resume in PDF format to mark@bigfresh.com


“These eTouchmessages are great! I really miss YWAM when I read this. My husband and I are so immersed in our American culture again and trying to influence from the ‘heartland’… We somehow moved from the faith and finances mode to surviving with our salaries in a struggling economy mode… I am constantly reminding myself that our family is rich in what really matters – all that is about our King and His Kingdom.” Debbie Cline (YWAM Texas 1981, Oregon 1982, Hong Kong 1982-84, Hawaii 1986-91 – with South Pacific internships and Samoa classroom teaching interspersed! What amazing, life-changing experiences the Lord gave to me)
*My friends, thanks for sending me eTouch. In absolute, humbling honesty, it’s the very first time I have had the time to read it. You’re both a blessing. Kenny Jackson, US

*Please keep eTouch coming! I’ve sent the (horrible) parable far and wide and enjoy every word of your loveletters! Joyce Walcott (pre-YWAMer), Canada

*Earlier this year there was a reunion of the first ever School in YWAM, held in Switzerland in 1969. Here is a photo of those pioneers. Recognize any of them?

1969 School of Evangelism (recognize anyone?)


*A Lively Discussion (someone even called it a ‘can of worms’), has developed; ‘Jim from Washington’ wrote about Hitler’s image last month, in response to my May article on “Honoring.” In part Jim said,

“Hitler was not made in the image of God. Please see Genesis 5:3 for anyone who came after the fall, including Hitler. This substantiates the importance of, and great need for God’s purpose to be fulfilled as expressed in Romans 8:29-30. By His grace and to the glory of His Name, always wrapped in His love.”

Here’s the first response we got: “If Hitler wasn’t made in God’s image, I think we’re all in trouble.” Dawn in Canada

And another: “I’d like to respond to Jim in Washington, and say that we should accept what God says about making us in His image. He tells us this in the beginning of the Bible (Gen 1:26), and He also repeats this same phrase to Noah, saying ‘for in the image of God has God made man.’ (Gen 9:6) This statement is way after Seth, and includes Seth.” Helen Kraemer

Donna’s Corner

Got Friends? 

 Jesus showed us that one of the greatest acts of leadership is mentoring. One of the ways he mentored his disciples was by modeling servant leadership; he told them that the greatest leader in his Kingdom is the servant.

When we came into YWAM we started to learn what it is to serve, through our leaders Loren and Darlene Cunningham. They never asked us to do something that they wouldn’t or hadn’t done themselves.

Peter’s first YWAM job duty, while we were living in a tent, was to take out garbage for three months. We had just come from living in a beautiful home and he had been the ‘the leader’ of the printing division of a company in Montreal. Then suddenly we’re in YWAM Hawaii learning Kingdom living.

We thank God for that experience, and we’ve never been sorry. A few years later Peter felt from the Lord that he was to offer to just serve Loren however he could; so he served him personally for nine years. Loren didn’t regard Peter as his servant; he looked at him as his friend.

I love what Jesus said to his disciples after he had walked with them for three years; “I no longer call you my servants, I call you my friends.” (John 15:9-17)

If you want to have friends, be a servant. If you are a leader, treat those who serve you as your friends.

Love and Blessings, 


Renewal Camps


July 29-31: Germany (at YWAM Hainichen) an IT Masthead Final.jpg weekend, dinner Friday until lunch Sunday. Formless registration: intouch@ywam.de

Aug 7-13: France (Le Gault la Forêt) Champagne region, near Paris, with Daniel Schaerer, former YWAM France Director: “Our Destiny in God.” HURRY! Just a few places remaining.

Aug 18-21: Switzerland (Burtigny) near Geneva, with Eliane Lack.

French & Swiss Camps: www.ywamassociates.eu

Nov 17-21: Singapore Renewal Gathering with Dan Sneed
Contact: gathering2011@ywamassociates-singapore.com

And Finally . . . At the End of the Day . . .

When it’s all been said and done . . .
There is just one thing that matters
Did I do my best to live for truth
Did I live my life for You?
Jim Cowan, “Revival in Belfast”



Peter Jordan, Editor
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