Abby Fuehrer

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved team member and friend, Abby Fuehrer.

Through a divine intuition which eludes most of us, Abby understood life’s purpose. She was deeply spiritual and always felt her love for God was best expressed by loving others. With every step, she spread a bit of joy, hope, and kindness, leaving traces of her impact in so many lives.

As a young woman, she traversed the globe, sharing her life message of a love so vast, no boundary could contain it. Even during her battle with cancer, discovered while leading a team in Cambodia, Abby remained an undefeated spirit and she wanted to return to her work as soon as possible.

Christ’s call, “Take heart, I have overcome the world,” reminds us of a transcending destiny beyond our current world. Abby now finds herself in that embrace. She’s transitioned to that place “where unfinished tales find their conclusion and unfulfilled hopes see their day. We may laugh together yet.” Abby’s absence is deeply felt, but the seeds of compassion, service, and love she planted will continue to grow and remind us of her. Her story isn’t finished.

This tribute cannot encapsulate her beautiful life. No words in this world could. And no words can describe the void left by her absence. Nevertheless, we must honor Abby by learning and sharing in her purpose: outward-minded, purpose-driven, and filled with joy, hope, and kindness for those who desperately need it. It is the duty of us, those left behind, to meditate on her example and in it find courage to live with a purpose we may not otherwise have had. To accept challenges we would otherwise shrink away from. To remember Abby, how she lived, always saying “yes” to the challenge of a high calling.

Abby, counting you as a friend was among our life’s greatest honors. Now, as we say goodbye, we reflect on the wonder of who you are and are committed to nurture the seeds you planted in our lives and in our world.

“God is so good and I just hope that others will be able to see that through this journey of mine…” – Abby Fuehrer

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