Johannes Van Beek

God called Hans to Vietnam while he was serving refugees in Hong Kong in the early 1980″s.

He finally moved to Hanoi in 1989, pioneering YWAM’s presence in the nation. He was a faithful prayer warrior who spent many hours before the face of God for this nation and God used him to impact many lives.

He had a dream to reach out to those in poverty and the vulnerable so he began to develop a prototype of a solar cooker. After many years in Hanoi, he felt the call to Da Nang.

In the year 2000, together with Mr. Bich, they established Solar Serve, a social enterprise manufacturing solar cookers and energy efficient stoves. They have distributed many 1,000’s of energy efficient stoves and solar cookers to the marginalized and people in poverty in the central highlands and coastal areas of Vietnam. The impact has touched SE Asia, the disabled, the hearing impaired and given great opportunity to employ the disabled.

He depended upon the Holy Spirit to empower him and through him many were touched and healed by God. He was ushered into God’s presence the night of 7/8 December at 2;30am while his favorite song played, ‘Show me your face oh Lord.

If you want to send a message, contact Mr. Bich click here Psalm 116:18