Kafuka Edoe Mensah

Kafuka was born on November 13, 1958 in Flandria in the Belgian Congo (DRC)

He got to know YWAM through the first Outreach team from Lausanne which came to Togo in January 1984.

After his discipleship training school – DTS in 1988, he began to work with YWAM before going to Bible school in Denmark. On his return to Togo, he joined the Frontier mission branch of YWAM, where he worked until his death.

Kafuka was passionate about the salvation of souls, and particularly of unreached people groups. He loved people deeply and his only desire was to do the will of God.

He was a man of integrity and justice, in all circumstances full of faith.

Kafuka was also a caring husband and loving father. He did not take his responsibilities lightly and he was severe and demanding of himself.

Kafuka died, after some months of illness, on April 22, 1995 in his 36th year.