Margaret Ruth Feaver

I am taking some moments to reflect on my dear mother, “Mother Margaret” to many in YWAM, who passed away in August, 2021.

When she and Dad went to Kona in the mid-1980s, I and my siblings weren’t sure what kind of cult they had gotten themselves entangled with! My wife and I paid them a visit in 1989, in part to check into our suspicions…which led to our doing CDTS in 1991, coming on staff in 1993-95, and staffing an ATS in Harpenden, UK in 2008.

My parents’ years in YWAM were in many ways the culmination of decades of home-, church-, and community-based ministries, such as prison Bible studies. Mom was a gifted teacher, and we witnessed first-hand how diligently she dug into the Word, making detailed notes and spending much time in prayer before giving a teaching. She was able to draw lessons out of simple things such as cleaning up a garden, and we were showered with her wisdom and love throughout our lives.

My siblings and I all attended college from home, since we went to Lehigh where Dad taught. That extended our family time, which was a rich privilege for us but added burden for her. Mom rarely thought of herself in those ways, but rather stepped up to caring for a busy family, plus various ministries that meant a nearly-constant flow of people through our front door, a number of whom lived with us for weeks or months.

The YWAM-Kona years were rich for both of them, but we missed them terribly back on the mainland, assuaged somewhat by their visits to the mainland at least a couple times a year. But we knew they were exactly where God wanted them to be…until 2001 when God led them back to Pennsylvania to live next door to my sister. Then we had them nearby again: our gain but YWAM’s loss — to an extent, as Mom continued to stay connected by emails.

In April of 2015, Dad went home to be with the Lord, and Mom joined him in August of 2021. Heaven’s gain, our collective loss. I and my siblings feel blessed beyond words to have had such parents, and to share them with so many others, including a huge circle of YWAMers.

After Mom’s passing, I set up a Facebook group called “Margaret Feaver Memories,” and anyone is welcome to join and share in the conversation. There is a recording of her memorial service and other pictures and memories. I’ve added the link below.

Thanks for this place for sharing!