Pete Thompson

Pete Thompson 1962 – 2018

Pete came from Liverpool, in the UK. After working on a kibbutz in Israel, where he met his wife Michelle, who is South African, he joined YWAM in 1984. He worked in YWAM Amsterdam in training, before moving to Cape Town, South Africa. His focus over many years was the DTS, and he served tirelessly to ensure that the DTSs across Africa were of the highest standard. He was a senior leader in the IDTSC within the UofN.

Pete had a gift of teaching, and loved to train and develop younger YWAMers, and see growth come with them reaching their potential.

Pete was friendly, and everyone found it easy to relate to him knowing they had a listening ear. He was always empathetic and willing to understand.

Pete was well read and able to enter in on a discussion on any subject. He had clear, logical thinking on issues and was able to bring wisdom, as well as give advice to many matters and situations. He was always willing to think outside the box, and was teachable in wrestling with new ideas.

Pete served as a leader and elder in the ALT (later AEC) for Africa faithfully, and always carried this responsibility with integrity and honour. Those of us in the leadership group mentioned, always had great respect for him in the way he shared, lived his life, and did relationships.

We have lost a truly great servant, wonderful colleague, and close friend. His legacy lives on in the lives of all those whom he impacted across the continent of Africa and the globe.

By Garry Tissingh