Tjebbo van den Eijkhof

Our Dutch friend and colleague, who embraced Sweden as his home, Tjebbo van den Eijkhof has moved on to his Heavenly Father. In Sweden he was best known as one of the leaders of the Jesus Manifestations in Stockholm between 2008 to 2016.

In 1984, when he turned 33, the Dutch evangelist became part of YWAM in Sweden. It was a challenge he wholeheartedly engaged in, as with all other things he embraced. For some years, he was the base director of YWAM Restenäs on the west coast of Sweden, but later moved to Stockholm with his wife Ans and their four children, Bas, Bob, Jerome and Joy. Most of all he loved to be among people and share Jesus. His many friends all testify that Tjebbo was a relational person. In all situations he preferred the personal meeting rather than paper and administration. He was always bold with people and had a prophetic gift that he did not hesitate to use if he felt the Lord tell him. Through the years he also became a father figure for many young Christians in Sweden.

In Stockholm he became known by every Christian church through his role in the yearly Jesus Manifestation. These manifestations gathered thousands of Christians to march through the capital and Tjebbo was one of the first to get this vision. When his team from YWAM travelled to pray for different parts of Stockholm, the vision was born to arrange a “Jesus celebration” where the name of Jesus was to be raised and to be the center.

Tjebbo van den Eijkhof was a person with a big heart for the downtrodden, people whom some thought were not worth so much. This big heart was reflected in the outreaches to Latvia that Tjebbo arranged annually for 20 years. Every year, in February during the free week in Swedish schools, he travelled with a big team of youth. He took 300 to 400 youth from both Sweden, Netherlands and other nations that helped him distribute food and clothing. Tjebbo always travelled in advance and contacted mayors, social workers and church leaders. Often the team from Sweden was given a large venue to use as sleeping quarters. During these days the young people visited the poorest of the poor and gave out bags of food, shampoo, toothpaste and clothing, as well as prayer and sharing Good News. Every year Tjebbo decided on the new town or village that became the focus for the coming year.

Tjebbo was to turn 70 on the 11th of October, but passed on to glory on October 8th after being ill for some time. During many years he fought and suffered from diabetes. His body finally could not handle the stress and situation anymore. He leaves behind his wife Ans and their four children and their families, but also by a large group of friends both in Sweden and all over the world, something his way of living had made him rich in. Tjebbo van den Eijkhof was a member of the church New Life in Stockholm where the memorial celebration will be held on the 23rd of October.

We all miss him!
Bo Rudolfsson,
Chairperson, YWAM Restenäs