October 2012: Tender Times

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This month we have something old, something new, something borrowed . . .
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Tender Times

As I pondered what to call this little piece, I quickly ruled out ‘Troubling Times,’ ‘Terrible Times,’ ‘Testing Times,’ ‘Trauma Times’ and ‘Trying Times.’ As I pondered, what settled it for me was how I myself was feeling deep down about the issue on my heart: a larger-than-usual cluster of people close to us, who are trudging through deep valleys of ill health and dis-ease.

It seems as though too many dear ones who are especially precious to Donna and me, are suffering right now; too many ‘closies’ being hit with serious sickness, all at the same time. Mostly they don’t know each other, none are as old as me – they represent all generations – and it just doesn’t seem fair.

So I’ve been examining my own compassion level – and finding it is rising, though not nearly as high as it should be. But I’m feeling more tender toward these ones than I’m accustomed to. Maybe this is good. I think it is.

And I don’t think it’s fear for my own well-being that is tenderizing me; I hope not. I want this tenderness to be real and somehow transmitted to the suffering ones, so that they will sense the com-passion in me; and in some way that will help to ease their pain.

Does anyone else feel like this? Does it even make sense?

Donna and I pray faithfully and in faith for the healing of these dis-eased near-and-dear ones; yet all are not being healed; and it  even seems as though it may not happen for some of them in this earthly life. (In the same way, we have unbelieving friends who are not being saved – even though Jesus desires for “all people to be saved . . .” 1 Tim 2:4).

I don’t want to get into the theology of healing – why some folk get miracles and others don’t. And I don’t want to have a fatalistic, “Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be” attitude, either. Do you remember the movie “Babe”? Duck, upon discovering that he will be Christmas dinner, is unhelpfully comforted by Cow, who says, “The way things are is the way things are.” To which Duck retorts, “The way things are stinks!”

That’s how I feel about this current batch of sicknesses – it stinks!

Perhaps what our ailing friends need as much as anything, is to feel tenderness and real compassion coming from us who are enjoying a measure of good health.

Compassion means to suffer with.

Got compassion?

Got tenderness?




Sad postscript after writing this: One gone Home. The youngest.

Understanding follows Obedience. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding.” Psalm 111:10(a)

There’s a delicate balance between ministry and miracles that many get wrong. Some people make no place for miracles. Others act more interested in miracles than Jesus. From “Miracles: A Journalist Looks at Modern Day Experiences of God’s Power,” by Tim Stafford (Bethany House)

King David, among other things, remained a shepherd all his life. He was for the most part, he cared for and was loyal to his flock. He looked after Mephibosheth – who could no longer serve or help him. I would like to think that this ministry is built on, and maintains the doctrine of caring for people. 

A Cornucopious Potpourri

*StaffLink in Kona, Hawaii this coming February 20-25 . . .
YWAM Associates International is hosting a five-day gathering of all current full, and part time staff, plus any others who might be interested in becoming involved in this ministry. For details click here

*ColdCase Database Detective desparately needed! Someone who loves the challenge of ‘finding’ former YWAMers by searching for their email addresses so they can also receive eTouch. This person will want to come to StaffLink in Kona – see above!

*Here’s another Writer’s Workshop (UofN credits given), in partnership with YWAM Amsterdam – November 25-30.  http://www.ywamassociates.eu/3/writers

*“Thanks for the focus on judging! Painfully timely, and unfortunately not all that hyperbolic. Thanks again for being there for all of us!” Merle Blondino

*Here’s a note from a reader who had been carrying a heavy offence for others and felt totally unable to forgive: “Thanks for your insights. The Lord brought healing to me . . . when I realized that much of my reaction to the situation had more to do with defending loyalties than about anything else; then I was able to let it go.” Name withheld

*Several readers wrote mushy stuff like, “I just love your sweet mascot!” (Here she is again)

*Here’s a thoughtful letter from a former member of our staff.
“A couple of thoughts from the last eTouch: ‘Judging and discerning often get mixed up.’ Yes they do. It’s always bothered me that many want to eliminate judgment, and how much it hurts, and therefore jump into the opposite ditch and throw out discernment as well . . . click here for the rest of the letter

*A Love Story from Africa “One Little Vowel”
(from Wycliffe Bible Translators) 

 Translator Lee Bramlett was confident that God had left His mark on the Hdi culture somewhere, but though he searched, he could not find it. Where was the footprint of God in the history or daily life of these Cameroonian people? What clue had He planted to let the Hdi know Who He was and how He wanted to relate to them? 

Then one night in a dream, God prompted Lee to look again at the Hdi word for love . . . click here to read the rest of the story  

* And don’t forget to read the Small Print (bottom of page)


Times of Refreshing

Dear Family,

I missed you last month! Peter and I have been ministering in Australia all of October in five different cities . . . in DTSes, staff meetings and Refresh Gatherings.

You may wonder what Refresh Gatherings are. In YWAM our greatest foundational value is hearing God’s voice, having faith to believe what He says, and walking and speaking in obedience to the Holy Spirit. Another foundational truth of YWAM is the value of the individual.

The YWAM Associates team in Australia has pioneered Refresh groups under the leadership of Steve Ahern, YWAM’s National Director.  Associates and friends meet for an evening or day of refreshment, eating together, sharing their past involvement in YWAM and their experiences. There’s time for fellowship and meeting in small groups to encourage one another through the gift of prophecy, listening to God and speaking His Words of encouragement to each other.

Paul writes (1 Cor 14:1), “Follow the way of LOVE and eagerly desire spiritual gifts especially the gift of prophecy.” Then in verse 3, “Everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.”

One by one people share their hopes and dreams, their concerns, and how their walk with Jesus is, and then the others pray and speak words of encouragement from God. It’s not counselling, it’s listening to God and speaking out our encouragement. It’s so refreshing for those of all ages – teens and all the way up.

We so often hear the voice of others, what they think; and so often that isn’t what God thinks.

Or we hear the voice of the enemy which brings fear, condemnation, doubts, unbelief and anxiety.

Or maybe we listen to our own thoughts which sometimes aren’t from God. Our own thoughts can be based on what we have experienced, what we have read and heard.

BUT when we listen to God for each other we bring encouragement, strength and comfort. “Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you have refreshed the hearts of the saints.” (Philemon 7)

“. . .so that I may come to you with joy, by God’s will, and in your company be refreshed..” (Romans 15:32)

We so need each other these days to encourage one another.

We have been so blessed by Steve Aherne who has truly heard God’s heart for our Associates; along with him, Glen & Marg Auty, Linda & Peter Hoffman, Beverly West and many others. Our prayer is that the thousands who have done a DTS or been in any way involved in YWAM Australia, will be reignited so as to take the Kingdom into all the spheres of society. And that each person will be encouraged, blessed and thanked for having been part of the YWAM family.

If you are interested in Refresh groups in your nation contact Marg Auty (click here) who is the YWAM associate facilitator for these gatherings, and she will send you information. It isn’t a program but a place for relationships

Be encouraged as you encourage others.

Love and Blessings,

Renewal Camps & Gatherings  2013

Feb 10-15 Kona, Hawaii: YWAM Associates Second MedGathering with Drs David & Ruth Demian. Hosts: Dr Bruce & Barbara Thompson, Peter & Donna Jordan.  

This Gathering is open to all! Click on the flags to register!

Europe starts with a Dean Sherman Tripleheader next summer!

  • June 16 – 22 Piedmont, Italy:

Speaker – Dean

  • June 30 – July 6: Restenäs, Sweden,

Speaker – Dean, again!

  • July 7 – 13: Sighisoara in Transylvania, Romania,

Dean, Once more!

  • July 22 – 27: Skjærgårdsheimen, Norway

Contact Lidvard click here

  • August 4 – 10: YWAM Champagne Le Gault, France

For info: http://www.intouchcamps.net/?cat=4
Click here to email for information

And Finally . . . (with tongue firmly planted in cheek)

Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skills

Till next time,



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