‘Perfect Timing’ by Roy Jones

Perfect Timing
by Roy Jones

You never know what is coming next when you walk with God!

Roy Jones had thought he would be working as a railway timetable clerk in London for all of his career.

In this inspiring and exciting read, Roy relates how God challenged him and his wife Shirley to give up their normal lives and become missionaries with YWAM. We follow God’s guidance and provision of finances for the whole family.

Time and time again, with such perfect timing and circumstances, miracles happened that could only be attributed to the divine hand at work.

This wonderful story that is not without heartache, their second daughter, Amy, was born with Down’s syndrome. She nearly didn’t survive several medical emergencies but is now a happy young adult and was God’s mouthpiece to direct the whole family to their latest adventure.

Roy and Shirley continue to see God’s creative and timely provision for their financial needs a quarter of a century after He first called them into missions.

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