April 2012: Forever Friends

“Waramutse!” or “Waramutse ho!” Our greeting this month comes from Rwanda, and the one for you depends on the time of day you read this—am or pm.

 is brought to you by a few folks at YWAM Associates International, and is written and designed for your pleasure. So, as you read, keep in mind that our purpose is for the strengthening, encouragement and comfort of your soul and spirit; plus a little lightheartedness along the way. Enjoy!

         Forever Friends

It’s not all that easy for kids growing up in missions, because they usually tag along on their parents’ call. It can all be so strange and unfamiliar . . . culturally, gastronomically, climate-alogically, financially and relationally. Beyond the necessities of life—and feeling secure is a big necessity—kids need friends. With all the comings and goings of the missionary life, best friends come and best friends go. Kids learn to cover the pain of separation with, “Be seeing you,” but the plain truth is, most times they won’t be seeing each other again.

Young adults—and old—experience this separation pain too after they’ve spent time together in the ‘trenches.’ But supposedly older and wiser, we tend to hide it. Do we think that Paul and Peter and Thomas and the other apostles felt the hurt of parting when they went their separate ways?

Once upon a long time ago, there were four young girls—Brenda, Lisa, Michelle and Heather, and they grew up on a missionary training base. It was around about the time they were getting rid of their dental braces—and facing the inevitable, monumental and looming teenage years. The girls were all tag-along MKs and something special had started blossoming among them. A bond of love was forming that would eventually keep them connected forever.

Later, when the four families dispersed, three of the girls took Discipleship Training Schools with YWAM in Australia, and all four went on to marry fine young believing men.  After 16 years, they had a reunion, gathering in Colorado and here’s what they looked like then . . .

Well time marched on, and wouldn’t you know it, they began to multiply and have kids—15 of them! But all along the friends kept in touch with each other by Facebook, email and phone.

After 16 more years, early this month the whole gang had a weekend in North Carolina and it was a blast!

Now what can we learn from this little story of four girls who not only survived the challenges of being MKs, but who grew up to serve God wholeheartedly? It is certainly not that Donna & I and the other Moms and Dads have been perfect parents; far from it. Moms & Dads it seems, remain as parents-in-training forever.

God must get the credit.

But if we choose to take credit for the successes of any of our kids, we must also be willing to take responsibility for their blunders. As long as we do our best with what we learn from God as we move through the stages of parenthood, he is pleased with us.

Even then, kids sometimes rebel.

There is a great host of parents who are thankful that their kids are ‘on track’ with God, while at the same time are sending up cries of, “Come home!” to the wandering ones.

Friendships of all ages have great value as the ‘glue’ that holds us accountable to one another. The bottom line is, we really don’t want to let our friends down by our bad behavior. Or God.

Till next time,

 Unforgiveness ties you to the past and undermines your destiny.

Physical obedience produces spiritual release.

God’s love for all is equal, but he has levels of favor (Jesus increased in favor with man & God).

If you believe you’re a sinner, you’ll sin by faith.

It’s hard to live with sin in your life if you’re accustomed to living without it.

You can’t sin by mistake. Sin is a willful act of what you know to be wrong.

Loving what God loves is only half the battle. We must also hate what He hates.

If you read history, you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become ineffective in this one.
C.S. Lewis

Coming Home & Getting a Job – Tanya Lyons

Not long after DTS I got a job at a Canadian doughnut and coffee shop called “Tim Hortons.” It was a good job in many ways, but it tested what I’d learned about service and humility in my DTS. I had to wear a polyester uniform and a hairnet—how embarrassing! Wearing an ugly uniform and earning minimum wage I felt invisible and unimportant. I wasn’t seen or noticed for my gifts or special role in God’s kingdom . . .

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Dredging up Judging

It seems as though Donna touched a nerve last month when she addressed the subject of judging . . .

“Thank you Donna for your words about judging. I have discovered that Jesus’ command to not judge is the most difficult and the most liberating that He gave . . .

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It seems there’s a whole lot of judging going on . . .

“Thank you, Donna, for your very personal letter to us, on judging. I really believe the Father is speaking to all his children everywhere about this, as it’s rife both in and out of the Body. We’re so quick to jump to conclusions and I’d guess about 99% of them are on the negative side – all before we’ve even heard the person/people being judged and discovered the truth about the matter . . .

More from Jenny Lowen

From A Couple of Med/Vets

“I am in the middle of reading, “The Last Thing I’d Ever Do” by ‘you-know-WHO.’ It’s like being in our 1980 DTS all over again. You two were experts leading our old, experienced, but stubborn group to be renewed, refreshed and energized, and to start a new career in our 50’s. And we were not disappointed . . .

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Donna’s Corner

 With Tears Rolling Down My Cheeks

My Dear Family,

There’s a video I want you to watch—and even if you’ve already seen it—see it again, and listen with your heart. God may want to say something to you as you watch it, especially if you’re facing difficult circumstances right now.

Maybe you need hope, or patience, or joy in the midst of what you’re up against—perhaps you’re feeling you just can’t make it. With God nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37;Matt 19:26). The joy of the Lord is your strength, and strength and joy are in His dwelling place (1Chron 16:27).

Rather than getting mired in your troubles no matter how bad they are, you can be giving hope and love to others. As you impart that love from God, He’ll pour more back on you.

I’ve watched a few of Nick Vujicic’s videos with tears rolling down my cheeks. Nick has no legs and he also has no arms with which to express his love; but there’s love in his heart. The Holy Spirit is love (Rom 5:5), so if we’re filled with the Spirit of God, we’re filled with love.

Now get comfortable, and watch this video with an open heart . . .

Every morning when you wake up, and as you go through your day, keep asking God, “Who can I show love to today; and who can I give hope to?”

Each day you can do this through Facebook, a card, a call, an email; or in person with just a few words of encouragement and hope for those you meet.

We all need to be grateful for who God created us to be, and from that gratitude, express love and hope to others.

With love—and the blessing of hope—for you today,


Renewal Camps & Gatherings

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Aug 19-25 SWITZERLAND: Châtel with Dr Bruce & Barbara Thompson “The Way to the Father” (English & French) Click here for more information  


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And Finally . . .

I see myself as a steak. Years ago, as a chunk of raw meat, I threw myself on the YWAM BBQ and it was sizzling hot. After being flipped a few times I moved from rare to medium. What I’m aiming for is a, “Well done!”


Till next time,



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