March 2012: Music Music Music

“”Wotcher! Awright?” is a greeting you might receive from someone born within the sound of Bow Bells in London. These are Cockneys, and they have a fascinating history going back at least to Chaucer. Interested? Google ‘Cockney’ then look at the Wikipedia page..

 is brought to you by a few folks at YWAM Associates International, and is written and designed for your pleasure. So, as you read, keep in mind that our purpose is for the strengthening, encouragement and comfort of your soul and spirit; plus a little lightheartedness along the way. Enjoy!

          Music, Music, Music

“Music hath charms to soothe a savage beast . . .”
William Congreve from The Mourning Bride

Hands up all those who caught a misquote. You’ll find the correct version coming up further down . . .

Music, Music, Music is the title of a pop song back in 1950, but of course music of all kinds has been around since the dawn of man (Question: did Adam sing to Eve?) A gentleman—I assume he was a gentleman—by the name of Jubal, was the first recorded musician in the Bible (Gen 4:21), and he made and played both stringed and wind instruments.

We should all be grateful to Mr Jubal for his inventions. Music stirs the spirit and the soul, imprinting lifelong-lasting impressions and memories. The melodies we hear at a young age can influence us and stay with us for all of our years on this earth. Personally, when I hear a long-forgotten melody, it will trigger the memory of a time and an event.

When I was about seven or eight years old, a certain kind musical imprint was molded upon my soul. On a gramophone—the long-ago forerunner of today’s iPod that used tiny needles that had to be changed after every play—I listened entranced, to a 78-rpm vinyl disk called, “In a Monastery Garden” by Albert Ketelby. It wasn’t classical and it wasn’t pop, it was in between, and I think it has influenced me both ways, all my life.

At age 13, with pop music starting to command my attention,I was offered a ticket to Handel’s Messiah. Totally disinterested, but with nothing else to do, I went. Wow! My world got turned upside down in three hours—I was entranced not only by the words and the melodies, but by the majesty of a full orchestra and chorus plus soloists. But with this newfound interest, I didn’t ditch pop music. I just enjoyed both genres.

Each generation has it’s own brand of pop music, yet I’ve noticed that only certain styles endure the test of time. Classical and hymnal seem to last forever, while pop comes and goes, with just a few songs that hang around.

And now I have to make a confession. Donna & I have three daughters. We agreed on what to call them, but in my case the name of each girl was influenced by a certain song (though family and friends names were also part of the mix). Laurie (Laurey in the musical, Oklahoma!); Julie Jordan (from another musical, Carousel); and along came Michelle, courtesy the Beatles. Now that’s off my chest . . .

Speaking of which, I remind you of the misquote above; here is the correct version:

“Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast . . .”

Hmmm, a savage breast? Before jumping to convulsions, think about King Saul when he was burning crazy, having been overcome by a bad spirit; and remember that David would take out his guitar and play it softly, calming the madman down until his savage breast was tamed (this is a very loose version of I Sam 16:23).

But as I often do, I digress.

The 50s, 60s and 70s pop songs touched me, but I was blessedly removed from radio listening by our family’s career change in 1976 (going into missions). There never seemed to be the opportunity—nor the inclination—to engage with Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Metallica and the rest. Acid Rock, Metallic Rock, Grunge and all of that, held no appeal. Possibly my age played into this as well.

Good music is one of God’s blessings to us. But how do you define what is ‘good’ music? Perhaps anything that endures for 50 or 100 years, would qualify as good music. And all else is fleeting and temporary. What do you think?

Exposing our kids to ‘good’ music—the classical and worshipful kind especially—in the home at an early age is probably a positive step in imprinting excellent lifelong musical preferences. It helped me, though I did—and still do—dally among the pops of the past. But only occasionally!


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Here’s more on the meaning of Home (last month’s topic)

I have a Westie (small dog) who often travels with me. He doesn’t care where on earth he is as long as I am there. I am the absolute center of his little universe and he adores me. It really has made me think and meditate upon how I relate to my heavenly Father, who I have followed across the nations for over 30 years. His presence is home. If He is there, then everything is just perfect. Belinda van de Loo

Home for me is where my heart is—all over the world. It is with Mark when we are separated, my grandchildren when they start school, children as they attempt new ventures, my Mum as she ages, my sister as she moves, my friends in their celebrations and heartaches, and with Jesus every morning when I wake up. Home isn’t where I live but a place in the hearts of people I love. Julie Spence

“Most of the young people I’ve met on the streets were homeless long before they were houseless.” Tim Huff, from his book, Bent Hope (sent by Brad Woods)

Thanks so much for being faithful to the heavenly vision for those of us who get way too sidetracked by the world that is so much with us. Sometimes I can’t even bring myself to read eTouch . . . too great a reminder of what I wish I was. But it’s like that big old dinner bell with the wooden handle, out on the front porch ringing, “Come back in. Come home!” Merle Blondino

Donna’s Corner

 Judging & Partial Truth

Like me, you probably get a lot of articles and prophetic words sent to you, but everything should be tested; often these words are what God has already been speaking to you. I just read the following—it witnessed in my spirit . . .

“One thing that has held us back in the past has been judging others. We must be sure to get rid of pride, unforgiveness and judging. These will quickly disqualify us in this new season. Humility and working together will be your strongest weapon. God wants to build Kingdom networks, as the individual kingdom mentality will no longer be effective.”

Often, when we judge others, we hold things in our hearts and minds against them. We believe partial truth about them, because we seldom know the whole truth. As our First Nations brothers and sisters say, “We haven’t walked in their moccasins.” I am amazed at how often we speak out only the part of the truth we know, which could easily turn into the sin of judging.

Here are two examples of judging from my own experience.
I have a beautiful pair of diamond earrings that I wear all the time. Some people might look at them, and knowing we’re missionaries think, ‘If they have enough money to buy earrings like that, they don’t need our financial support.’

The truth is, God told a wonderful young woman friend in Hawaii to give me her earrings, and that He would give her a diamond in their place. I did not want to receive those precious jewels, as she was all teary, but in obedience to God, she handed them to me. Reluctantly—but gratefully—I received them. Sometimes it’s harder to receive than to give!

A couple of weeks later, my friend was given a beautiful diamond as an engagement ring—from the man she was dating and hoping to marry. God is always so faithful, and He loves blessing His children as they give to each other.

Another time, I was teaching in a DTS with about 50 students from many nations and they were very attentive. In the front row, right under my nose, sat a tall good-looking young man. As I was speaking, he took out from under his chair, a large bag of chocolate chip cookies, and proceeded to open it. I stopped speaking, and said, “Oh, are you going to share with them with everyone?” He quickly replied, “No.”

A bit stunned, I continued speaking. Then he took out a bowl and spoon, broke up the cookies, got milk from under the chair, poured it over the crushed cookies and started to eat. I stopped speaking, and with unbelief in what I was seeing, I blurted out, “You are weird!” Everyone else broke up laughing.

I found out at the break that this young man had hypoglycaemia, and if he didn’t eat sweets frequently, he’d fall asleep. I felt terrible. When I continued after the break, I humbled myself and asked his forgiveness in front of the class, saying how sorry I was for judging him. After that, this young man was able to receive what I was teaching, and soon recognized the voice God and started to get revelation from His heavenly Father; it changed him. God doesn’t judge us, because He sees our hearts.

Since then, I’ve been pondering on this, and have heard so many other examples of judging. Now I ask others and myself, “What you are saying and what you are seeing, are they the whole truth, the whole picture? And where does trust come in?”

We are to reflect Jesus. Think of what He said or did while He was here as a man, because He knew the whole truth.

How fast we are to judge others because of something we see in their personality, their behavior, their appearance, or because we don’t know the whole truth in a situation. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, so let’s listen to Him, and not mingle it with our flesh or our emotions.

I’m still working on this area of my life. We’re all different, but we can have unity as a body. There are a variety of body parts, but they all work together to form one body. We should always look for something good in others. It’s there.

And as Jesus said, “Judge not . . . (Matt 7:1)

Love and Blessings,



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And Finally . . .

Home is . . .

The place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.
Robert Frost

Where the majority of your clean underwear is.
Unknown YWAMer.
(Thanks for these to Tom Bloomer)

Till next time,



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